3,5 5 0 21 21 Croque Cannelle Churros : de mini-churros dorés et croquants saupoudrés de vraie cannelle. Vous retrouverez sous forme de collation facile le goût des céréales Croque Cannelle que vous aimez et connaissez !
Croque Cannelle Churros
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Addicting as a crunchy snack
I LOVE Churros and love CTC. This cereal is super crunchy, very cinnamon sugary and addicting to eat dry. Didn’t like it with milk as much because the pieces are too large. I will admit that the taste of this cereal is exactly like CTC, the shape is just different and better for snacking on.
Kid Approved
Great as cereal or as a snack. So much cinnamon and sugar. Kids just can’t get enough of them. It’s a little taste of the fair at home.
Churros cereal
I have tried this cereal and it is delicious with or without milk. It has lots of flavour and crunch good combination in a cereal. Love it
Sweet lovely snack
It is sweet, it is crunchy and it is absolutely lovely. I haven't got to test them out with milk yet cos we were snacking away on them like no tomorrow. These are a go to snack.
soo yummy
I loved this product it had lots of flavor was great for just a snack too
je trouve ca un peu trop sucré mais sont quand meme pas si pire
Snacking at its best
It's one of my favorite snacks while watching Netflix.
Big hit!
This cereal was a huge hit in my house! In the morning for breakfast, or even just grabbing a handful for a snack. We loved it
Delicious, not just for kids. Great for breakfast or a snack.
Love this Cereal for breakfast and as a snack!
I love this cereal for breakfast and as a snack. I don't eat it every day but treat myself when I crave something sweet! Reminds me of churros from a vacation at a resort down south.
They’re ok....dry
I bought these for my husband as he’s a sugary cereal fanatic. He said they tasted like cinnamon toast crunch in a different shape. He liked them but wasn’t as excited as I was expecting. I’m not a huge cereal fan but I do enjoy munching on it dry every once in a while. I found the shape of them great for that purpose but he was right similar to toast crunch and not nearly as flavourly full filling. They’re just ok in my books as a crunchy dry snack on the go.
Super tasty
This cereal has the same great taste as the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but in a new fun shape. I find the churros to have more cinnamon-sugar flavour than the original. I expected them to stay crunchier longer because of their shape, but they didn't. I would buy these again for sure.
Cereal is delish, crunchy and cinnamonly, great with milk yummy, a hot with kids.
Same taste different form
Its kinda same cinnamon crunch just in churos form. Extra sweet. Was very excited to try but it was kinda disappointing.. Will not buy it again. Way to much sugar. Better without milk. Just like snack :D
Nothing special
We got this, excited to try it. It's literally Cinnamon Toast Crunch, just in churro shapes. It wasn't anything special and not something we would purchase again. The structural integrity was great though!



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