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Croustilles Ruffles® Enflammé® Bar-B-Q
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ooohh hot-hot-hot
These were good, especially for those who like spicy hot BBQ!! You almost need a 'cooling dip' to cool them off...
Absolutely Delicious
When I bought it, I was hesitant because of the word Bar B Q on it. I'm not a big fan of BBQ chips, but I do love hot and spicy foods. So, I caved and decided to give it a try. Yummy. Not at all like a regular BBQ chip. Much more full of flavour and spicy hot goodness that I crave. I'm addicted now.
I love them they're spicy enough and they have a good texture, they have a long lasting barbeque aroma, the only downside is that after a handful the flavour is a little single noted. Would recommend.
Flamin' Hot is right!
I love Ruffles regular Bar-B-Q chips so was excited to try these. Unfortunately, my heat tolerance was too low for these chips! My mouth was certainly on fire. So, I don't recommend them for someone with a low heat tolerance, but definitely recommend them for heat seekers!
Good at first
I enjoy spice and really liked the flavour until I was about 20 chips in and the intensity of heat was too much. Threw them out because I couldn’t think of having more.
Although many chips have the flaming hot flavour, this by far is my favourite, a strong flavour of BBQ that has a hint of smokiness and then the spiciness of the chip is eye opening but a pleasant burn. These are great chips. The heat might overwhelm some!
Loved the taste
I have never been a big BBQ fan but I tried these at someone’s house and I loved them! I do buy them often now. I love the spice of them.
Too hot!
We enjoy Ruffles brand chips in our house, and we also enjoy a bit of spice. The crunch of these chips was excellent, and the thickness of the chips was nice. But I found the heat of these chips just a bit too hot to really enjoy. If you've had Hot Cheetos, these are a bit hotter than those so if heat is your thing, I'd recommend these over Hot Cheetos.
bon mais pas asser epicé
jaime tout ce qui est epice alors jai tester mais je trouve sa pas asser epicer a mon gout mais il son tres bonne je recomende pour ceux qui aime le style bbq mais une petit touche epicer de plus
Too hot to handle
The texture and crunch stands up to the Ruffles brand, however, the flavour is too hot to enjoy. They definitively weren't all gone by the morning even with teens in the house. I wouldn't buy them again.
Ruffles Bar B Q chips
The Ruffles Flamin' Hot Potato Chips I don't like. The Potato chip are to hot for me. There alot hotter than the regular Ruffle BQ Chips. I gave my son the Ruffles Flamin' Hot Bar B Q Chips. He likes hot food to eat. He found they were hotter than he thought.
Flaming Hot chips
I bought these instead of regular BBQ chips and everyone in my family loved them. They are a little spicy for me but I still like them as they have a lot of flavor. Great addition to any gathering
Bon et garnie en bbq
J adore ses tchips.croustillants, pleine de bon goût et j adore quand ses ondulé sais meilleur
Super produit, il faut aimer le piquant. Les chips ont un bon goût
Favourite chips rn!
I absolutely love chips with a good flavour, thse flaming hot bbq do not disappoint in anyway!! I find they are a good balance of bbq to flaming hot, oppose to the flaming hot doritos that are much hotter in flavour+



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