4,5 5 0 44 44 La formule micellaire sans huile du démaquillant pour les yeux MicellAIR de NIVEA agit rapidement pour dissoudre le maquillage des yeux et le mascara sans frotter, vous procurant un démaquillage à la fois doux et efficace.
Démaquillant pour les yeux MicellAIR de NIVEA
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No residue 🤗
Hey everyone, I bought this Nivea MicellAir makeup remover to tryout see how it works. I wear makeup daily and its sometimes difficult to find a remover that works and isn't bad for drying on the skin. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. It took off all eye& face makeup without harsh rubbing & best of all it's Not drying or leaves a residue. Great Job Nivea
Use it everyday
I use this everyday! It's a great make up remover. I know it says you don't need to wash your face after, but I do do just in case I miss something. This is not greasy and wipes everything off.
Make Up Remover
I have tried so many different makeup removers - and this is by far the least abrasive and best working one I've ever tried. It lasts for a long time as well so worth the money.
Works well
I like this product! It doesn't sting when you get it in your eyes, and it takes your eye makeup off!
The best
My favourite brand of miceller water! The packaging is great so is the price it works fantastically and easily
Light and Fresh
This is my daily facial cleanser. I love it because leaves me with a deep clean feeling without the dryness/build-up that other cleansers leave.
Clean, Fresh Skin
This Micellar water is amazing! I have been using this product(the dry and sensitive formula) for just under 2 weeks now and I have to say I really like it. It does an amazing job at both removing my makeup and as a general cleanser. It does not leave any tackiness on my skin just softness and a fresh clean feeling. I have also not had any problems with breakouts which is something I have had with other similar products. I think this is one of the better drugstore level brands for the price and value. I recommend this for anybody who has dry or sensitive skin and just needs a gentle effective cleansing product.
Vraiment excellent
Très bon démaquillant, pas gras du tout. Super pour la peau sensible. Très efficace pour tout le visage. Je lui reproche juste de me donner de la misère pour le mascara waterproof...
Love it!
I’ve been in love with Micellar Water for over a year now! It’s an easy and delicate way to remove my makeup. I have dry and sensitive skin so it’s important for me to use good products. I really like this one from Nivea! It works wonders, removing my toughest makeup, has only a light scent and doesn’t irritate my skin at all (and it’s a very nice bottle size!). I use it with my @Nivea Nourshing Cream to make my skin feel even better ! *I received this product from @chickadvisor and @niveacanada #freeproduct
Takes off make up with out greasy feeling. Like it a lot.
Recently purchased this makeup remover and couldn’t be happier. It works really well and clears my makeup fast. There is no strong smell to this product and doesn’t feel harsh to my skin. I would recommend giving it a try!
nice and easy
i really like using this cleanser more than their creme version of makeup remover, its a lot simpler and just as effective!
Gently removed all traces of my eye make-up
Gently & quickly removed all traces of my eye make-up, including waterproof mascara.
Amazing Product!
I had experimented with Micellar waters when they first became a huge fad a few years ago, but veered away from them due to sensitive skin issues. This product has reintroduced me and I am in love! There is no need to scrub or push hard! I am blown away by how easily my eye liner comes off so effortlessly. I did find that my waterproof mascara did need a little coaxing and help coming off but everything else came off easily. This Micellair water did not cause any breakouts or irritation on my sensitive skin and it did not dry me out. I love that it is dermatologist tested, but I wish it was dermatologist recommended as well. Overall, I loved the Nivea Micellair Water and will continue to use it in the future for it's ease of use and gentle ingredients. It does a pretty good job of taking off a full face of makeup and leaves skin soft and smooth. I will definitely recommend this brand and product to my family and friends!
This make-up remover does take eye makeup off quite nicely. I look forward to buying this again.



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