4,6 5 0 177 177 Le Dentifrice Crest Gum Detoxify Nettoyant en Profondeur contient une formule de mousse activée qui pénètre dans les endroits difficiles d''accès pour aider à neutraliser les bactéries nocives de la plaque dentaire sous la gencive, pour des gencives plus saines.
Dentifrice Crest Gum Detoxify Nettoyant en Profondeur
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worth a try
Hygienist suggested this product for me. It foams more than other Crest toothpastes. It has a pleasant taste, easy to use, the foam makes it seem like its doing more. My dental appointment 3 months after using the product confirmed that it does what it says. would highly recommend this product. great cleaning and fresh breath
Great toothpaste!
Love this toothpaste! Teeth and gums feel so clean and fresh. Deep cleans and tastes good!
Best check up in years
This product is the best for cleaning your teeth. I had the best dental check I have had in years. If your gums are sore it relieves the pain.
Dentist recommended
My Dentist had given me a sample of this toothpaste along with a toothbrush. I never used Crest, never liked the blue gel!! This toothpaste is white with a fresh minty taste to it. Teeth feel extremely clean afterwards
On se sent vraiment les dents et gencives propres et haleine fraiche
You can feel the difference!
Love this toothpaste! Leaves your gums feeling 'tingling' clean. I like to use the whitening version of Gum Detoxify - it feels just as good as the Deep Clean.
My go to toothpaste!
Probably one of the best full mouth clean toothpaste on the market rn! I prefer to use the one with enamel strengthening but the whole gum detoxify line bring a whole new meaning to having a clean , fresh mouth! I have noticed a much happier gum line after switching 2 months ago!
This product was great for me to use and made them feel so light and Feels so smooth and clean
Family affair
The whole family loves this paste and the feeling of clean it leaves you with plus you can get other options like gentle whitening! I will buy a few of them when on sale one for each person.
love it!
Love it, it deep cleans and foams up nicely. Also being a dental professional i would fully recommend this product, especially over some of the other toothpastes you could get.
Sensation de propriété
J'ai essayé bien des dentifrice mais j'aime particulièrement ce produit. Bon nettoyage en profondeur et bon pour éviter les taches sur les dents.
Good With Bridges
I was recommended to use this as I have two bridges. It is able to get under the bridge and the uncomfortable pain I sometimes get is relieved. I would recommend this product for those with any type of gum issue
It was recommended to use this toothpaste when my daughter had her braces put on. You can feel the clean! It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and minty for a while after brushing. I find it more pricey than other toothpastes but we have all switched to this in our household.
Works well, great taste
My dentist recommended this toothpaste. I am very impressed on the foaming action (not too little but also not too much) It has a really nice mint flavour that lasts a long time after brushing. Teeth look clean and feel great.
Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste Deep Clean
Both my wife and I have gum problems and tried a sample tube of this product over a period of 2 weeks and it made a difference in how fresh and clean our mouths felt afterward. We now use this toothpaste regularly.



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