4,6 5 0 118 118 Le Dentifrice Crest Gum Detoxify Nettoyant en Profondeur contient une formule de mousse activée qui pénètre dans les endroits difficiles d''accès pour aider à neutraliser les bactéries nocives de la plaque dentaire sous la gencive, pour des gencives plus saines.
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Does the trick
It will leave your breathe smelling fresh and clean, taste pretty good to
Crest gum detoxify
I got this as a free sample when I visited my Dentist. My mouth felt a lot fresher after I started using this toothpaste. So I have switched to this brand. Bye Bye Colgate!
Squeaky clean
Have been using this for a month now and it does make your mouth feel cleaner. My problem is the tongue side back teeth where my hygenist said I usually have the most trouble cleaning. I used to bleed often because of this and after using it, I noticed I don’t bleed as often and the clean feeling last longer!
It does work!
Tried it based on the name and found that it does improve gum health. Could have more mint flavour but leaves your mouth feeling clean
Great for your gums, but go for mint.
Definitely notice an improvement in your gum health, but lacking the minty flavour you expect. Go for their minty fresh variety! I would improve the flavour, and yes I would definitely reccomend recommendation d it.
Tried it once and your mouth feels like you've just returned from the dentist. Especially in those hard to reach areas.
Great toothpaste
It took a few days to get used to it as I have very sensitive teeth, but this toothpaste was great. Does the job and leaves my mouth feeling clean. Highly recommended.
One of the better
This toothpaste is one of the better out there, it’s not too strong while doing the job as my mouth is feeling clean. I’m super sensitive to toothpaste and this one was just fine.
This product was most definitely the best toothpaste we've tried. The texture wasn't thick and didn't feel like sandpaper. The flavor was mild enough that it didn't burn the tongue.
Perfect dental exam!
This product may put dentists out of business! The key is getting your gums nice and clean. Even the hygienist says that she has seen results in those that use it. My mouth feels extremely clean for a long time after each use.
This toothpaste is amazing. It took a few days for my gums to get use to it, but it works wonders.
I absolutely love this toothpaste! It made my mouth feel super clean and a few shades whiter too!
I really like how this tooth paste made my whole mouth feel so clean. I also really like the flavour, I have bought this tooth paste a few times now and I would buy it again.
Yes yes yes
I would buy again! Most everyone loved this product, the flavor is really nice also.
My husband and I have started using this toothpaste and have seen an improvement in the way our gums feel as well as the color of our gums is pinker



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