4,6 5 0 156 156 Le Dentifrice Crest Gum Detoxify Nettoyant en Profondeur contient une formule de mousse activée qui pénètre dans les endroits difficiles d''accès pour aider à neutraliser les bactéries nocives de la plaque dentaire sous la gencive, pour des gencives plus saines.
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This toothpaste left my mouth feeling fresh and sudsy unlike pastey toothpaste. It made my gums feel clean. I liked the easy to use packaging allowing the toothpaste to stand up.
Tried this toothpaste. It has a little different taste then most. At first I wasn't crazy about it, but tried it again and it was ok. I'm still using my old toothpaste.
pretty good
helps clean, freshens breath, i like the tube as well
My mouth and teeth feel cleaner with this toothpaste than any others I have tried
Tried this toothpaste, can’t say for sure that it’s any different from other toothpaste. Tastes good, teeth feel smooth. A little pricy, good be cheaper.
Really Great Toothpaste
What a wonderful product. It does exactly what it says it does. Nice cool taste.
bonjour, J'aime se dentifrice, j'ai les dents sensible et il m'aide a avoir des gencives en santé.
Feeling Fresh
I like the foam and its taste in my mouth. I feel very fresh after using it and will purchase it again in future.
Great idea, long- term results TBD...
My maternal grandmother had extremely bad "soft" teeth...I inherited this. I'm at the dentist maybe 5,6 times a year and the hygienists constantly tell me my gums are receding, I have pre-gingivitis blahs blah. Anyway, I decided to try this product because it seems like a killer idea and I wanted something to sooth my gums and get rid of the bacteria trapped in there. This did both. I swear my gums looked healthier after a few days. I will continue to use on a rotating basis with other toothpastes in order to keep my gums healthy and happy or at least to prevent any further recession. 😊
I really quite like this toothpaste. My son doesn't like a strong mint flavor so this was a perfect one for him too.
A new feeling of clean
This tooth paste gave me a full mouth clean. It gave me a fresh feeling. The flavour was mild but effective. I will definitely purchase this product again.
It really works!
I noticed teeth sensitivity for weeks. Tried this out and within 2 days, the pain was gone.
Crest Gum Detoxify
Crest Gum Detoxify is a fantastic product. I do not have little bleeding like before it is truly deep cleaning around the gums.
Better crest products
This toothpaste is good and it does the job, but there are better products for the value
Worth It
Even though this toothpaste is slightly more expensive than regular toothpaste it’s worth it. Due to medication my mouth dries very quickly. This toothpaste cleans my mouth and teeth the best and that feeling lasts for a longer time. Plus because it does foam up more it cleans in more places. The only thing I would change is the taste to spearmint flavour.



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