Déodorant Cool & Fresh de Live Clean®

4 5 0 95 95 Une protection clinique prouvée contre les odeurs qui dure toute la journée, qui ne blanchit pas et qui sèche au toucher.
Déodorant Cool & Fresh  de Live Clean®


Ok pour des journées à la maison
Je l'aime bien lorsque je suis à la maison ou que j'ai une journée tranquille. Par contre, je ne peut pas l'utiliser pour des activités physiques.
Good smell
This product smells really good and at first it was great. After about a week of trying my BO was AWFUL!! I googled it and it said that because it’s natural, all the toxins from the regular deodorant are coming out, and you have to give it quite awhile to get your body to adapt. That being said I couldn’t wait anymore because I can’t go to work stinking!!
My go to!
Great price point, aluminum free and smells amazing! Usually natural deodorants have me smelling not so fresh after a couple of hours..this stuff is the only deodorant I've found that is comparable to a antiperspirant and lasts all day. I love Live Clean products!!
Good product
Tried this deodorant because it’s aluminum free. Really like it as it left me smooth and dry all day
A little bit more pricey
I was able to find this brand at Winners, so I got a bit of a discount. I really wish more deodorant would offer a baby powder scent, but this one worked on par with the Secret brand.
Save your money!
Looking forward to trying a "healthier" alternative to my anti-perspirants. Loved the fragrance, but didn't seem to work to stop wetness and odor. Tried for a couple of weeks to get my body used to it, but to no avail. This is the 2nd aluminum free product I tried that didn't work.
Must reapply several times
Unfortunately I was disappointed in this item, I usually love live clean products but this deodorant did not do its job. I would have to reapply atleast 4 times a day. I work 12 hour hospital shifts and this left my pits very smelly. Also felt that it dried out very quickly in container. Smelt nice atleast. I’m trying Native now that seems to be working better, with natural deodorants you must reapply. Haha
I think I'm a fan
I struggle greatly finding deodorant that works and that I don't have an allergic reaction to. This one burned thr first time I used it (like I was going to have a reaction) but it quickly disappeared and I never did have a recayion. Thankfully. I wouldn't say it keeps me fresh for more than 12 hours but thats okay. It feels really soft going on which was a nice added feature. Not chunky and full of air. Will likely buy again
love the smell
this product smells great and is ammonium free! i will for sure buy it again
Doesn't last
Got this in my stocking for Christmas. I was excited to try it, as I really enjoy Live products. The texture was super weird: not solid but not a liquid, almost a really thick paste. I didn't like the feel of it. Needed to dry them a bit prior to dressing. The smell was nice but it last more than maybe 2.hours before I had to really.
Worked but I don't have anything remarkable to say about it. Would buy again.
I love it being free from ammonium which is harmful
Great product!
I bought this for my daughter (9 years old). I love that it’s safe ingredients. It works for her but she’s young and doesn’t have much odor. I think we might have to find something a bit stronger as she gets older as this product doesn’t seem like it will work with stronger odors.
My primary deodrant
I do love this product and its my go-to deodrant but it doesn't hold up on hot days or really active days. Would need to reapply multiple times a day to avoid BO smell. Smooth and glides on nicely, feels like it moisturizes at the same time. Aluminum, Propylene Glycol & parabens free is a huge plus!! Nice fresh scent. no irritants. Overall a good product. Been purchasing since 2019.
Great for at home use
I can’t use this deodorant outside the house because it doesn’t keep my sweat and BO at bay. I like using it at home because it’s not an antiperspirant. It helps me feel fresh right out of the shower and in the morning.


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