Désodorisant Sans Aluminium Rosée de Miel de Secret®

3,9 5 0 218 218 Il reste transparent et sec, offre une protection supérieure contre les odeurs et ne contient ni aluminium, ni parabène, ni colorant.
Désodorisant Sans Aluminium Rosée de Miel de Secret®


Secret/Aluminum Free Deodorant
Secret aluminum-free deodorant is good, keeps me dry and leaves no yellow stains on my white T's or blouses. My opinion is they should stop putting aluminum in all their deodorants and antiperspirants.
Tween approved!
Our tween daughter has sensitive skin and we wanted to be sure we gave her a product that would not irritate her skin when she began using it. So far no complaints and she is happy with the smell. She has sensory issues and this has not caused any problems for her which is a huge deal with you have a child with sensory issues. She like to put it on so that is also a win!
Secret without aluminium
Not enough strong, odors Still stay and with thé mix of the perfume, not a good match!
I love secret
Secret is my go to brand. Unfortunately I sweat a lot for a women and I can't just buy any deodorant because I will stain clothing and make the arm pits of clothes absorb odour. With secret this is controllable.
Dryer Not
I use the other Secret deodorant usually & wanted to try this one. I wished that it kept me dryer. It was a bit too sticky for me. For most people it will be fine.
I only use this brand and love it. I like that is only has deoderant and no anti perspirant.
Not for me
This absolutely didn't work for me and I used the entire deodorant. It actually made me extremely itchy and I found my body smell to be even more gross due to this. Not for me...
Not if you sweat lots
I perspire quite a bit so it didn't really work for me
fresh feel all day!
Love this deodorant as it actually Works! Working form home I feel in not sweating much anyway so no need for harmful Antiperspirant. This gel solid glides smooth like men’s deo and smells freshhhhh. All day! The best Secret product imo
It is pretty standard, but it worked for me
Honestly, I was just happy to see that Secret, which is a more affordable drug-store brand, came out with aluminum-free deodorant. It wasn't sticky and seemed to work through the day, as long as you aren't sweating too much. Nice to see they made the option.
Pas fait pour moi, mais bien
Je ne sais pas pourquoi cela me fait ca, mais je n'ai jamais vraiment senti des aiselles, mais se désodorisant me fait puer des aiselles. Je n'y comprend rien. Par contre, l'odeur est agréable et il ne laisse aucun residus disgracieux sur les vêtements ce que j'apprécie particulièrement.
Not a pleasant smell
I love secret deodorant, so I had to try this. Really disliked the smell, and it doesn't last when you're actually sweating. Wouldn't buy again.
Très satisfaite; bâton clair,ne tache pas et s'applique bien sans s’égrener; n'irrite pas les aisselles et contrôle parfaitement la moiteur et les odeurs pour moi qui, est ménauposée.
didn't work....
Looking forward to trying a "healthier" alternative to my anti-perspirants. Loved the fragrance, but didn't seem to work to stop wetness and odor. Tried for a couple of weeks to get my body used to it, but to no avail.
I love secret especially this deodorant being free of ammonium, I use it everyday morning and it stays all day without any odour


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