4 5 0 150 150 Il reste transparent et sec, offre une protection supérieure contre les odeurs et ne contient ni aluminium, ni parabène, ni colorant.
Désodorisant Sans Aluminium Rosée de Miel de Secret®
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Produit sans trace sur les vêtements, déodorant efficace J’ai préféré l’odeur du déodorant à la rose mais c’est très subjectif.
very good
This is one of my go to deodorants. I don't sweat much unless I am nervous. So I think it worked well for me. It does leave a powdery residue on dark color clothing. on the plus side, it is Aluminum free.
Could be better
I was thrilled to be able to try this aluminum free deodorant from Secret. I have used the brand for years and was trying to make the switch to a more natural deodorant. This deodorant smells nice, put is a little too perfumed for my taste. It worked ok at first, but I did have to keep reapplying it in the evening to stay odour free. Overall, it was a bit of a disappointment and there is definite room for improvement but it did work ok, just not as well as I would have liked.
Good new product
I bought this product because it was aluminum free and I wanted to try something different. This product smells great but I would prefer an unscented option, I'd rather smell my perfume than my deodorant. It's very smooth when you put it on and lasts all day. Good product hopefully an unscented version will become available.
It's okay if you do minimal activities
I tried this and even doing errands around town I could smell myself. It worked maybe for the first hour or so. Was a bit disappointed as I really wanted to like this product since its aluminum free. But that's okay, there gel deodorants are my fave and always work! This might work well for a younger kid just starting to hit puberty or possibly an older person who doesn't do much exercise.
No sweat?
I like that Secret is now aluminum free, but it's unfortunate that it doesn't last long. It's alright for a regular day, but any exertion or stress renders it ineffective. I also don't like the scent.
I love that big deodorant brands are starting to make aluminum free versions however, this one could still be improved. It definitely helps a bit but doesn't last super long and isn't great for a workout. The scents are not too overpowering and don't linger.
Bad purchase
This product didn’t work for me. It left me sweaty and and odour. I would recommend for a young teenager instead.
Good for teens
I bought it for my 11 year old kid since I wanted something wihtout too much chemicals. It was okay but the downside is that, it doesn't stay long. But I still recommend it for teenagers to avoid all those rash chemicals.
Very short-lived.
Works for a couple hours, then you're sweating and stinking. Given that it costs more than the regular stuff, it's not an economical option. I was disappointed; I'd gotten excited for an aluminum free product to use.
Wasn't what I hoped.
I was excited to try this, being aluminum free! Using it, I sweat like crazy and I also stank pretty bad. More than I ever do when I'm not using any deodorant/antiperspirant at all! Too bad. I use Secret deodorant daily though, just a different kind.
Effective but very pricey
This deodorant is pretty average. It works well enough. It costs twice as much as the normal Secret deodorant however it functions the exact same. If having an aluminum-free deodorant is very important to you, then this is a great product. For me, I will not buy again due to the price.
Terrible Scent Didn't like it at all !!
I love trying new things so i got this secret Aluminum free melon scent in the mail. It smelled terrible i tried it for a couple days and it was sticky and didn't even stay on. I smelled bo still after a few hours and didn't keep me dry at all sorry secret i won't be purchasing this at all .
Has you covered
I was very impressed with this product. I like the fact that is has no aluminum, parabens or dyes. I goes on easily and is dry to the touch and it stays on all day. It has a wonderful light smell and It does not stain my clothes which is a plus.
100% sold
I have tried so many “natural” deodorants only to be 100% disappointed when they stain my clothes or don’t pass the “smell test”. I am so in love with this deodorant and have made the switch.



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