4,3 5 0 95 95 Il reste transparent et sec, offre une protection supérieure contre les odeurs et ne contient ni aluminium, ni parabène, ni colorant.
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Good Deodorant
Scents are a bit weak, & its very oily wet on you.
Better for you but too oily
Being pregnant, I was initially inspired by the fact that this deoderant was a trusted brand, aluminium free and also clear. However it feels very oily and never really dries, probably from the mineral oil? It put stains on a couple of my shirts and I found it does zip for wetness. It is strictly a deodorant. The smell was also fine. It was not for me.
It worked very well throughout my day smells good I got a lot of compliments on how appropriate the deodorant is that I'm wearing for the occasion or the events of the places things I'm doing
Excellent ne crée pas d’irritation. Aucune rougeur au niveau de la peau même avec une peau sensible
Great idea
No aluminum, smells nice and scent lasts all day. Better for you, perfect. I do not sweat a whole lot, so worked great for me. Good job Secret. And yes to recommending it.
not for me!
I bought Secret aluminum free deodorant and it was easy to apply and had a fresh scent, but it doesn't control the smell! I cant buy a deodorant that doesn't control the smell.
Worse than nothing
I wanted to love this, but I smelled worse when using this than using nothing. I don't sweat much, I just have damp pits from time to time, and this deodorant feels like an excuse to make people stay on aluminium based deodorant because it performs so horribly. review image
Awesome product, keeps me dry , never have to worry that i am not protected
Ne déodorise pas
J’ai eu une allergie aux aisselles après avoir utilisé ce déodorant. De plus, je reste au sec mais je dégage une mauvaise odeur. Enlever le produit qui donne l’allergie cyclopentasiloxane.
Love the idea....just a dud for me
I absolutely love the idea of non aluminum deodorant. The more natural the better! The scents are fantastic they glide on smoothly but unfortunately I guess I need the aluminum. I end up smelling no so much like roses but a sweaty man by the end of the day.....so wish this worked on me.
It has a good smell.it doesn't stain my clothes. I like it
My reaction
I found this particular type of secret deodorant to be very smooth going on. I enjoyed the scent and found it lasted all day.
Vraiment exellent
Jai adorer se produit texture,odeur tout tout tout
Love it,
Great for dryness. Dont stain my clothes.Smells really great and last long. just love it.
Great Product
I love the smell of this deodorant, does not stain clothes and leaves you feeling fresh all day long



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