Détachant à Lessive Clorox2® Pour Peau Sensible

4,8 5 0 32 32 Le détachant à lessive Clorox2® pour peau sensible ravive les couleurs et blanchit les blancs sans colorants ni parfums. Compatible aussi bien avec les laveuses HE que les laveuses standards, il est spécialement formulé pour aider à enlever les taches dès le premier lavage lorsqu’il est utilisé selon le mode d’emploi.
Détachant à Lessive Clorox2® Pour Peau Sensible


Actually colour safe
This is the first bleach I’ve dared to test in a while on my darks/colours, and I’m extremely happy with it. Does a great jobs at removing stains without removing the colour of my clothes.
Perfect for kids
This product is perfect for families with children. This leaves their playground stand close clean and fresh. The smell last for a few weeks. I will definitely purchase again
No problems
My parenta use this laundry soap as my father has sensitive skin and has had reactions to other products. He has never had a reaction to this one and he likes the smell. My mom likes that it gets all the stains out without pre-treatment.
Sweaty boys
This stuff is awesome. Strips the sweat and smell that teenage boys leave
Absolutely great
I've been using this as an add on to my previous ride detergent and very satisfied with the result. My sister uses only this and the result is even better. Totally recommended for sure
Todos los productos de esta marca me gustan mucho, este producto es muy bueno removiendo las manchas y ayudando a desinfectar además de dejar un buen aroma, realmente me encanta
Love Clorox 2
This is the best strain remover currently on market and my go to brand. Smells great also. Seems to get out even the worst of stains on my sons clothing, even temoved grass stain that was set in from morning.
Don't leave the grocery store without it
Started using this product when my boys were newborns. They are in their 30's now. I don't leave the grocery store without it. Removes stains better than others and is gentle on newborn skin. Faithfully used for 30 plus years and I can't think of any reason to change.
Great product!
This stuff is amazing, it works on the toughest stains!
Get the stains out the first time
Gets all stains out with first usage, pretreat as required. Great as an additional boost of extra cleaning power to my regular wash. Absolutely my go to product for stain removal!
Clorox 2
Gentle on your colors but tough on stains! It works so well to get deep stains out while still keeping the color in your garments. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't affect me at all! World great and I buy it all the time !
Excelente producto para una limpieza impecable lo recomiendo a todos los amigos y familiares nos deja todo blanco y reluciente
Chloric stain fighter
Good quality product,very strong stain fighter for your laundry,I use on my stained white cloth,woow! The result I got was fantastic,my white cloth came out clear and sparkling,I would strongly recommend this product.
Perfect cleaning for your stuff and house, I was thinking that I would be to hard but is not
Thank Goodness
House has been a disaster...which equals loaded down with laundry. After so much catastrophe, Clorox has rescued our clothing and household linen. Clean and fresh , not overpowering....n on my budget . AFFORDABLE. THERE are 6 people in my house., I was I'll for a while, the kids kept traveling out of town to hospital, which left pets alone....well watered n well fed , but not getting out enough. When I got home I wanted to turn n leave...I'm in wheel chair now, but I managed to pitch in clean up. I thot laundry was lost, but we cant afford to replace, I bought jugs of Clorox, I didnt need them all....so relieved.


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