4,5 5 0 226 226 Cette formule unique est également hypoallergénique et biodégradable.
Détergent liquide PurexMD Dirt Lift Action eau froide
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My go to brand
Having sensitive skin, this is one of the few detergents that I am able to use. I breakout with some other detergents, and this is gentle on my skin. Always smells fresh and gives the clothes a good clean
Our Favourite!
My family uses this detergent regularly. We even use the baby gentle detergent. It smells great and gets the job done when removing tough stains. We’ve been using this brand for years.
It cleans
It cleans clothes but not the odor. I need to put more than usual it says.
Our go to
This works amazingly. Having 2 young kids and trying to find something that works great for stains was a challenge untill I gave purex a try. Never had a problem and works great with removing tough stains. Definitely worth giving it a try.
Works great
Purex Dirt Lift Action Coldwater Laundry Liquid works great even in hard stain. My daughters always came home in a dirty clothes because they always play outside as part of their break. So this is perfect for the job. And mostly im using cold water. Clothes came out clean and smells nicely.
Get it clean
You want to get those stains out, you don't want to empty your pocketbook doing it: I'm not saying it's perfect on tougher than real stains but it does get the job done.
Good value
I originally purchased this product because it was on sale, but after trying it have purchased again. My husband uses it for his dirty work clothes and it works well. I would recommend to others.
Great Laundry Detergent
I love the whole line of Purex Laundry Detergents. They leave your clothes clean while not leaving any residue or heavy perfumes. The price is great as well. Would recommend to my family and friends.
Great in Cold Water
When you get this laundry detergent on sale, it works great. With our new washing machine we do not have to worry about over sudding, and close come out smelling fresh. If you are able to catch a spill or stain early enough and put Purex direclty on it, let it sit for a bit, then wash it nine times out of 10 it will come out. Great laundry soap.
love the smell
this is the only laundry soap i use now. if you have a stain pour some purex on the stain then launder. the smell is amazing fresh
Great value for your money
I bought this product because it was on sale - I was truly impressed - great scent, cleaned well. Would highly recommend giving this a try. .you won't be disappointed
Efficace et non allergène
Je suis souvent allergique aux détergents à lessive, mais Purex n'est pas allergène pour moi. C'est un très grand avantage! Aussi, son efficacité n'a plus à faire ses preuves. Il enlève toutes les mauvaises odeurs tenaces et laisse un parfum agréable sur son passage!
Go to brand
The only detergent I buy. Cleans well, doesn’t have an overpowering scent and is reasonably priced.
J'adore le fait qu'il soit biodégradable et laisse une superbe odeur au vêtements
Purex Dirt Lift Action Coldwater Laundry Liquid
What I like best about this product is that I can wash wites in cold water and my man's T-Shirts don't shrink 😊The detergent is tough on stains and gentle on fabric 👍


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