4,5 5 0 223 223 Cette formule unique est également hypoallergénique et biodégradable.
Détergent liquide PurexMD Dirt Lift Action eau froide
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Fresh and Clean
I like to use Purex with Cold Water as it takes the wear and tear off my hot water heater not having to use hot water. It also cleans very well and the clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.
Clean and fresh smelling
Love the smell of the clothes when they come out of the washer. Removes all of the mud and salt from my husbands work clothes. Ecen makes my work out clothes smell nice and fresh.
Purex is a good detergent it clean the clothes very well.
jai adorer ce produit jai aucun critique a faire une tres bonne odeur et jaimerais savoir si il a dautre odeur de lesseve 2 x eau froid.
Purex is a great detergent. It's clean and doesn't leave a weird smell or soap stains on my clothes
Great laundry product
This laundry detergent is really good especially if you have a baby. Cleans your clothes really good.
This is a great detergent that works well but they need to tone down on the scent. Just an honest opinion as I can be smelled from across campus.
nothing special
I had a really good cents off coupon and bought it while on sale so I did not have to pay very much for this. That is the only reason why I changed from my regular laundry detergent. It cleaned all my clothes fine, but did not do anything special. I would use again, if on sale, and I did detergent, but I would not be willing to pay full price. It is just laundry detergent.
Pyrex dirt lift laundry liquid
I don't like this stuff, I find it doesn't work as well as Tide pods.
Great Product!
Just tried this product, for the first time. I was very impressed. I pre treat my stains. I then used this product. I found it removed blood, coffee, butter, and grease stains, very easily. I love the fresh smell of the product. I am certainly going to use this product again. Very economical and it works.
love it great smell and works well. we take it when we camp. get out everything
Works great
This laundry detergent works well, gets the job done and is really reasonably priced. It's my go to laundry detergent. Why would I spend more money on a different brand when this works so well.
Removes Tough Stains
I have tried most laundry products but keep coming back to Purex. It's so gentle on clothes yet removes all odour, tough stains and debris EVERY SINGLE WASH. It works very hard and I haven't found anything this gentle on my laundry. Would highly recommend.
cheap and inexpensive laundry soap
mom buys it often because it's on sale and it's pretty cheap. It does clean and leave a nice scent. But not powerful enough to clean oil stains or smells. The oil smell stays with it
the best
this is the best soap, it does not make your skin itchy and there is little residue left on the clothes is also usually goes on sale for a few dollars which is great and easy to stock up on.



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