Dial Savon a Mains Moussant Pure Micellar Seafoam

4,7 5 0 218 218 Avez-vous l'impression que vous devez faire des compromis sur les avantages que vous obtenez de vos produits de nettoyage? Vous pouvez avoir un produit pour l'humidité, et un autre pour l'exfoliation, et un autre pour le nettoyage en profondeur. Rencontrez la nouvelle collection Dial® Savons à Mains Moussants PURE. Cette nouvelle collection de produits nettoyants pour le corps vous offre des ingrédients à valeur ajoutée comme les micelles actives, sans aucun des ingrédients indésirables comme les parabènes, silicones ou phtalates, enveloppés dans des bouteilles 50% recycles et tout à un prix abordable.
Dial Savon a Mains Moussant Pure Micellar Seafoam


Dial hand soap
My husband really loves Dial. After washing his hands they still feel soft without the sticky feeling you get from other brands.
Great fragrance!
After all the handwashing experience collected in this currents situation I found a soap with ice feeling and fragance
I love foaming hand wash and this one is great! The smell, the constancy is awesome. Right now with all the hand washing I’m doing it doesn’t dry my hands either.
Bice fragrance
I like this product. Nice fragrance and is a everyday product at my home
Clean nice smelling hands
This hand soap is a very nice soap for washing your hands. The foam feels amazingly soft and the smell is awesome. The foam hydrates the skin very well which is very important these days.
Good fragrance
Effectively cleans hands and gives a very sweet fragrance. The liquid is not very thick as I don’t like too thick handwashes and I have to dilute them if they are too thick. The price is reasonable as well.
Great scents ( I love them all) I first purchased these when the regular Dial liquid was unavailable. I have since bought it because I feel like it is superior
Clean, please!
Soo fresh, soo clean, soo perfect! I absolutely love this soap! I went back and cleared the shelf.
Love it
I love this soap its flim free and not nast feeling love this stuff
One of my favourite hand soaps
I really like the feeling of the foam on my hands, it feels light, washes away easily, the scent is really nice. I think larger bottle will be nice, because it finishes pretty fast.
I liked that it was light and refreshing. Easy to wash off, no residue left behind.
Great Aroma and Great Clean!
Looks so pretty, Smells great, easy to use. Works beautifully! I like to use great smelling, foaming soap for my guests as it leaves a nice after smell. This product definitely delivers.
Smells great!
Smells great, easy to use. I like to use great smelling, foaming soap for my guests as it leaves a nice after smell. This product definitely delivers.
Works great
Smells great, easy to use. And because it foams it has made it alot easier to get my kids to wash their hands without needing to be told too. The great smell probably helps too.
Dial handwash sea foam
I really enjoyed using this soap I am now a big fan of foam soap. The soap gives a good lather and has a nice scent.


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