4,6 5 0 60 60 Le shampooing fortifiant complet de Dove est un shampooing quotidien qui contribue à augmenter la force et la résilience de vos cheveux à chaque utilisation.
Dove Hair Complete Fortification Shampoo
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Great product
This shampoo lives my hair soft and manageable. My girls love this product and love how smooth their hair is.
Very great
This works like magic for my kinky hair. I can’t do with it.
I bought this when it was on sale and I have loved it. I am able to comb my hair with no tangles at all. I use Dove only now. it makes my hair smell great and I love not having to pull hair out when combing my hair.
Dove shampoo
Dove Hair Complete Fortification Shampoo. Is another great product from dove. My hair is so dry it it helped alot. Deffinetly easier to brush out after shower as well. Smelled noce too.
Good product
I thought my hair felt lighter right after using it and it left no residue I think the smell is awesome and I will be buying this shampoo again.
Product made my hair feel like I had just left the salon eveytime I used it, I have looked for it in the store near my house but can never find it definitely my all time favorite dove shampoo
Love it
My daughter and I love dove shampoo the best. We love how clean our hair feels
Great shampoo
Love using dove shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and clean. It's also very affordable, especially during sales.
Nice Shampoo
This shampoo smells very nice. It does moisturize your hair and doesn't leave them feeling dry. My only problem is that sometimes if you excessive oil in your hair, it may not wash it out properly unless if you rinse your hair out like after a few times. But overall pretty good shampoo!
I am using this product and in conjunction with its conditioning product the two work wonders. Slightly pricey but pays off considering the quality of the product. Definitely recommend it to my friends with thick long hair.
Dove makes good products. It works well but my favourite shampoo is made by Sebastian. Dove would be my sevond choice which is a more affordable option.
i tried dove products years ago and truly i didnt like them my hair was dryed out .. But since this newer dove products came out i use them all the time I love all the dove hair shampoos not just one There conditioner leaves my hair soft and shiny also I wish they combined there shampoo and conditioner They might just not at my store.. so i cant wait I love dove
OMG what can i say about this product, ny hair is so shiny i have people commenting on how awesome my hair looks, had a co worker as to touch it cause it looked so silky smoth so i let her and i told her what i was using . Im sure she went out and bought a bottle right away:) Defiantly tell anyone who asks what i use everytime i wash my hair
Dove has the best shampoo and conditioner! My hair has never felt softer and looked healthier. I colour my hair a couple times a year and this product has saved my hair!
I love the Dove hair products they make my hair which is frizzy and curly so soft and manageable.



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