4,3 5 0 37 37 Les boissons Dream Blends amandes, noix de cajou et noisettes sont faites de véritables amandes, noix de cajou et noisettes.
Dream Blends - Boisson non laitière non sucrée originale aux amandes, noix de cajou et noisettes
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so good
I drink a lot of this. Bake with it and also pour in tea, So good.
This is ridiculously delicious, in my opinion. And SO decadent! I like to drink it right by itself! I also add it to my coffee & smoothies...& substitute in some recipes calling for milk! It truly is fantastic & the taste is so smooth & heavenly!
I use this on cereal, in smoothies and for baking. It also makes for a nice change from water or juice as a tall cool drink. It works great in everything I've used it for so far. I look forward to discovering more ways to use it!
J’ai un problème de lactose et c’est le produit que j’utilise pour mon café et les desserts que je fais qui demande du lait.J’aime le goût d’amande que ça donne au biscuits
Très bon produit. Je suis intolérante au lactose, il est goûteux et crémeux.
I use Dream Blends in my smoothies. It is much lighter than milk and tastes great too.
All I can say is yummy! I truly love this, despite the price. It is simply perfect and has a great taste. A nice change from my soy or cashew or almond only beverages.
Lightly flavoured great for drinking alone or with tea, in smoothies or protein shakes, also for pancakes and if you can find the unsweetened one it’s yummy in cakes and scrambled eggs too.
The taste is perfect for me and my family. It's not a strong taste for the coffee or recipe. It's relay different.
I gotta give it to vegans and vegetarians people, this product is a very competitive product made from real almonds, cashews and hazelnuts. This creamy, delicious non-dairy delight is an excellent source of Calcium and is Gluten Free. It's really hard to beat that... Along with great improved taste... A+
Yet another good product from Dream Blends. It may not be for everyone.....but it won't hurt to try it !!!
Creamy, sweet and low calorie/low sugar. Honestly delicious. Can use in anything- cereals/ baking/ cooking/ smoothies, etc Try it!
I love this product in my cereals, smoothie and reciept. Im intolérante is the reason why i need this type of product. Thanks to exist.
This, like all the "almond" products taste like water. I cannot detect "almonds" or any other nuts for that matter. I think in order to call these products "almond" is misleading!!!. Check the first ingredient ....WATER!!!! Expensive water at that...!!!
DREAM BLENDS – ALMOND, CASHEW AND HAZELNUT ORIGINAL UNSWEETENED NON DAIRY BEVERAGE has been a game changer for our family. Having a child with lactose sensitivities means trying many new products before finding the right one. After trying Dream Blends, our search is over! Our child loves the the taste and texture of this beverage. It's never an easy task to find a product perfect enough for a picky toddler but this one has done it!


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