Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro

4,7 5 0 52 52 Le Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro fournit l’aspiration le plus puissant de tous les aspirateurs.1 Il est conçu pour nettoyer en profondeur des foyers avec animaux de compagnie et élimine la saleté sur tous les types de sols. Caractéristiques principales: 8 outils supplémentaires pour les taches les plus difficiles, comprenant: •Outil d’escalier •Outil combine •Brosse à saleté tenace / brosse à poil rigides •Outil articulé pour sol dur •Brosse à poussière douce en fibre de carbone •Atteindre sous l’outil •Marié outil: Toilettage. Aspiration. Disparu. Toilettage pour les chiens à poil moyen et à poil long •Tête de turbine sans enchevêtrement: le seul outil de turbine qui ne s’emmêles pas. Les têtes contrarotatives avec brosses éliminent les poils de tapis et des tissues d’ameublement •Versatile: La baguette à dégagement instantané nettoie les meubles hauts et sous les meubles. •Nettoyage de sol multi-surfaces: Les poils reconfiguré de la tête de nettoyage autoréglable s’enfoncent plus profondément dans les tapis pour éliminer plus de saleté. S’ajuste automatiquement pour sceller l’aspiration – même sur les sols durs. •Ball™ technologique: Les composants de bases sont à l’intérieur de la balle, créant un centre de gravité bas qui permet à l’aspirateur de rester équilibré et droit. Se dirige facilement dans les endroits difficiles. •Hygiénique: Piège la saleté et ceci est vidé de manière hygiénique sans devoir toucher la saleté. La filtration avancé capture 99,97% des particules microscopiques aussi petites que 0,3 microns. 1 Aspiration testée selon ASTM F558 au niveau de la tête du nettoyeur, chargée de poussière contre le marche vertical
Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro


Got dogs?? Then you need this!!
Amazing!! We have an an upright Dyson that is about 12 yrs old which I thought was fine till this came. Never so excited to vacuum ever!! The dirt this thing brought up was ridiculous and i had only vacuumed the day before. With 2 big dogs, we have a lot of dirt and fur and they have their favourite couch, well with the tangle free turbine tool, I was able to get the fur off the couch in a fraction of the time it used to take me! I tried the grooming tool, but both dogs were afraid of it and took off so that might take some time. We live in a 2 story house so I do find the vacuum is heavy when carrying up the stairs but easy to vacuum stairs because the hose is so long. And so many attachments!! Would be nice if it came with a bag or some sort of tool organizer but an empty workboot box does the trick.
Undeniable Cleaning Performance
With two dogs and two cats, this vacuums superior suction and tangle-free attachment tool, removed the majority of fur on furniture in just one pass. This was a huge improvement and a huge time saver for me, not having to go over the same spot repeatedly with my old Dyson to get all the hair off my upholsteries. It is super easy to maneuver and is able to switch between hard and soft flooring without having to think about it. Wand has a nice long reach and is great for cleaning ceiling corners, valances and stairs. A downside of this vacuum is the unit's weight and bulkiness. I found it pretty difficult to carry up and down stairs, along with navigating in smaller tight spaces.
Where do I even begin.But WOW.I have 11 cats at home so the amount of cat hair on everything is very hard to keep up with. I can do my carpet stairs, my silk curtains, hardwood floor, couches. This truly does it all from ; dust, dirt, hair, if you have pets you will not have hair in your house anymore.The ball feature truly gives you unlimited ability to maneuver around the house. The easy retracting wand comes out simple and has a very long reach.It may be expensive to purchase vs a brand such as dirt devil, but it is worth every single penny.Buying a Dyson is an investment.They do come with a warranty but you very likely will not need it, it’s not going to break, it won’t stop working, I used the original one for almost 10 years without maintenance and never once cleaned the filter.I know for a fact I will never buy another vacuum again that isn’t a Dyson.
Great for a pet friendly home
I love the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro. It works great with a long haired cat in the house. I am so impresed with Dyson as the hairs don't get clogged up and break the vacuum like a normal one. I would totally recommend this to anyone. We have been using Dyson Animal vacuums for years and are happy with the durability.
Pet Lovers Dream Vacuum
I received this vacuum last week and my entire family absolutely loves it. I have a full household of mess makers that includes a dog, younger and older children, and we look after a neighbor's large dog regularly that sheds like crazy. Having a much older Dyson model I can easily say that this new Dyson is a crazy improvement. It is much quieter, and suction, oh my gosh it gets every bit of dog hair, kids dirt and dust that you can and can't see. I did a test of the carpeting in my bedroom with my older model, then revacuumed with the new Dyson Animal Pro 2, the amount of pet hair and dust it picked was unbelievable. This vacuum is one button easy to empty convenient. It navigates very well over ceramic tile, vinyl, hardwood, and carpeted floors. My favorite attachment, the tangle free turbine, it's amazing for getting all the hair and pet dander out of their pet beds and the furniture. You can never go wrong with this vacuum, and the kids will help vacuum, Bonus!!
Parfait pour le grand ménage
Je ne pensais jamais recevoir mais oui il est bel et bien arrivé !! Je m'empresse de faire l'essai pour me rendre vite compte que un gros aspirateur de luxe !!! Plein d'accessoires utiles... Le seul point négatif c la flexibilité et la maniabilité du tuyaux lorsqu'on l'utilise seul . Sinon je recommande si vous avez des animaux , ça brosse est magique pour les tapis et pour les planchers
It sucks in a good way
This vacuum is the answer to my prayers! I have been looking for one which can help me cut down my cleaning time in half as I’ve 5 long haired cats and not to mention the amount of hair I have on my head, my house is covered in fur and hair! This vacuum is really powerfully. The suction is amazing and it effortlessly cleans the rugs, furniture and the hardwood floor in my house. I no longer need to use 2 different vacuums during my cleaning routine. I love how flexible it is as it reaches all the nooks and crannies in my house. The canister is decent. I could go by 2,3 times cleaning the entire house before I feel the need to empty it out. It is worth every penny! If you’re thinking about it please give it a try. It’s an amazing investment.
Powerful Vacuum
The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro has such a strong suction, so it does a great job at vacuuming up even the tiniest pet hair, dirt, or dust. It is easy to maneuver around, even with its weight. It has a cool look and design, and overall is a very sturdy and reliable appliance to have around the household. I feel like it does a great deep clean of my home after using it. I am proud to own this in my home and would recommend it.
Awesome in almost in every way!
I loved using this vacuum! it has really powerful suction and felt like I was running behind a lawnmower - so much power! The attachments are incredible and all surfaces were incredibly clean after using it regardless of carpet, hardwood, or laminate. My fav attachment is the one for the hardwood floor - but haven't checked out the grooming tool yet. The ONLY thing that I didn't like is the piece you detach from the holder (hose) is difficult to get back in its holder
Great for Pet Hair and Most All Surfaces
I have now used it over the past couple weeks... Reading other reviews prior to using, overall I did not find most of the issues that were discussed. It was easy to clean and did not clog. Once you figure out the nuances, it was easy to use. It is heavy but similar to my other Dyson. It is a very good vacuum with great suction. As named, it does a great job getting the pet hair (dog hair) from almost all surfaces (hardwood, tiles, and low-mid pile carpet). It did not do great on textured low pile carpet in my basement though. I also had a hard time vacuuming small rugs due to the amount of suction being so great. It also has issues picking up larger pieces as it pushes it forward unless I lift up, but no different than my other Dyson. It does a much better job than my Central Vac and similar to my old Dyson Ball (about 10 years old). It is pretty easy to use but there was a learning curve to see which setting for which surface. Overall, I am very happy with the vacuum.
It's a workhorse!
I was so excited to receive this unit to review! Assembly was quick with the operating manual but I still consulted the Dyson website. I went room to room vacuuming different surfaces: ceramic tile, hardwood, area carpet and finally wall to wall carpeting. This machine has extreme suction and did an outstanding job on each surface. Because I already own a Dyson Stick, I knew the Dyson Ball was going to be even better, but I was truly surprised with it's capabilities. I tried out all the different attachments to clean my baseboards, ceiling corners, California shutters, under the fridge - you name it, I cleaned it! I realized how much I missed having a proper vacuum cleaner. The next test was cleaning up after our dog. I used the tangle-free turbine attachment to capture more dog hair than I'd like to admit. Our dog even liked the grooming tool. Removing and emptying the canister was easy and mess-free. The carry handle makes it easy to carry upstairs too. This machine is a beast!
Monster Sucker (In a good way)
I am a fan of Dyson and the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro is now my favorite! I have three furbabies in the house and a strong vacuum is a must. Not to mention that me and other members of the family sheds a lot of hair. I have always wanted to try this but my old Dyson is still working and I am just waiting for it to give up on me LOL. This vacuum is so powerful that I just have to glide it over my carpet once and its already clean! Save me so much time and energy! It has so many attachments too that will help you reach all the nooks and crannies of your house. I highly recommend this product!
Dyson ball animal 2 pro
We were super excited to try out the new Dyson ball animal 2 pro. We already have a Dyson stand up vacuum but its 13 years old and starting to have some small issues. After trying this new one there are definitely Pros but also some cons. Pros: very powerful, had a nice long cord, it did a great job of getting up close to the baseboards and cabinets and it came with a lot of extra attachments. Cons: There is no where to store the extra attachments, the ball on our old Dyson vacuum moved much more smoothly and turned tighter. also our old Dyson felt much more sturdy and better quality. Overall we were very happy with our old Dyson and im sure we will be with this new one too
3 dogs, a set of twins and a cat.
With a set of twins, 3 dogs and cat. I was super excited to try out this vacuum. Overall I love it. The cord is super long which makes it easy to move from room to room. The fact that you can easily go from floor to carpet is fantastic. The suction is amazing and picks up pet hair you didn't even know was there. The different attachments make cleaning all over the house a breeze. I love the one for upholstery and furniture. It makes getting stuck on pet hair off super quick and easily. Emptying the canister with one push of a button is convenient and quick. Overall I really love the quality, function and suction of this vacuum. All the different attachments that come with the vacuum are a great bonus. The only downside to the Dyson animal pro 2 is the weight of the vacuum. Compared to other brands/models I have had in the past, I find this one to be on the heavier side. But overall that would be my only complaint.

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