Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro

4,7 5 0 52 52 Le Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro fournit l’aspiration le plus puissant de tous les aspirateurs.1 Il est conçu pour nettoyer en profondeur des foyers avec animaux de compagnie et élimine la saleté sur tous les types de sols. Caractéristiques principales: 8 outils supplémentaires pour les taches les plus difficiles, comprenant: •Outil d’escalier •Outil combine •Brosse à saleté tenace / brosse à poil rigides •Outil articulé pour sol dur •Brosse à poussière douce en fibre de carbone •Atteindre sous l’outil •Marié outil: Toilettage. Aspiration. Disparu. Toilettage pour les chiens à poil moyen et à poil long •Tête de turbine sans enchevêtrement: le seul outil de turbine qui ne s’emmêles pas. Les têtes contrarotatives avec brosses éliminent les poils de tapis et des tissues d’ameublement •Versatile: La baguette à dégagement instantané nettoie les meubles hauts et sous les meubles. •Nettoyage de sol multi-surfaces: Les poils reconfiguré de la tête de nettoyage autoréglable s’enfoncent plus profondément dans les tapis pour éliminer plus de saleté. S’ajuste automatiquement pour sceller l’aspiration – même sur les sols durs. •Ball™ technologique: Les composants de bases sont à l’intérieur de la balle, créant un centre de gravité bas qui permet à l’aspirateur de rester équilibré et droit. Se dirige facilement dans les endroits difficiles. •Hygiénique: Piège la saleté et ceci est vidé de manière hygiénique sans devoir toucher la saleté. La filtration avancé capture 99,97% des particules microscopiques aussi petites que 0,3 microns. 1 Aspiration testée selon ASTM F558 au niveau de la tête du nettoyeur, chargée de poussière contre le marche vertical
Dyson Ball Animal 2 Pro


Unimaginable vacuum
Well, I don’t even know where to begin!! I applied for this product not thinking I would ever be accepted, low and behold it was delivered and once arrived I had to put it together and try it. I have 2 large breed dogs, as well as 2 cats, so you can imagine why this vacuum stood out to me. It’s straight forward to put together right out of the box, the colour scheme is like no other, the amount of quality attachments are surreal, and the performance, holy!! I was honestly not expecting to pick up every piece of hair, pulled so much animal hair out of my couch with the suction power it has, with my old vacuum I never even knew it was there. This vacuum is by far one of the best vacuums I have ever used especially for my animals. Easy to push, gets into really tight areas with no issues what so ever, light and easy to handle, washable filters, I really do not have anything bad what so ever to say!! Thank you and keep up the great work guys!
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Most Powerful Vacuum I've Used!
We have two cordless Dyson vacuums and they are both very good. We wanted the corded one because they are usually a lot more powerful and we have carpet upstairs and in the basement, and we have a dog who sheds. This is the most powerful vacuum we have ever used. After we finished vacuuming the upstairs and basement, it looked like we had brand new carpets. It comes with many tools, but our favorite one is the cyclone tool. It is great for the stairs and the car. Would definitely recommend this vacuum for anyone.
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Absolutely Amazing
I have three dogs, three kids and 4 adults who live here. I don't think I've seen the real colour of my dark carpet in years. After using this Vacuum I fell in love. In one hour I did the floors, the fan, the ceiling, under the dressers without breaking a sweat. It was absolutely amazing. It even vacuumed the little individual fans and left them perfect. I also used the pet attachment on my dog and she sat there and loved it. I recommend this vacuum to everyone. It makes cleaning so much easier!
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I am in love with this vacuum! First of all the design is beautiful! I love the color (my mom's favorite, she's so happy) and love that parts of it are transparent, this is really cool to see it work. It's super powerful and great at getting all of those small dust bunnies and hairs. It came with many different features and parts that you can add or remove depending on what you're cleaning. Despite it being for the home, my dad used it to clean his car and it work great thanks to the extension! This is a HUGE deal and helps to clean hard to reach places (fans, blinds, ceiling, etc). I honestly think this is a must have for any home with kids, multiple people and of course pets. Truly a top quality machine and would purchase it in a heartbeat. Thank you HTC and thank you Dyson.
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Best vacuum ever!
This vacuum is truly amazing ! Usually vacuuming is a chore that I dread especially having dogs running around and the amount of fur that accumulates. with this bad boy it makes 10x easier! Dyson literally lives up to the hype. Now I look forward to vacuuming my house ! I even catch myself vacuuming even when it doesn’t need to be done.
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Great Vacuum
I have two dogs that shed a lot , this vacuum is incredible. Keeps my floors looking clean. Very easy to use and easy to clean.
This vacuum is the easiest most efficient vacuum ever. I thought my old Dyson was doing the job until I tried this one. Game changer
This vacuum is awesome!! I vacuumed with my old vacuum and then followed up with this one and the canister was nearly full when I was done!! Makes me wonder what kinda crap I’ve been kicking up walking over my carpets and subsequently breathing in.
Super vacuum!
We finally upgraded from our 10+ yr old vacuum and got this Dyson. We have 2 cats and 1 dog (great pyrenees) who is a shedder. I was so surprised the first time I used it at how strong the suction was. The vacuum was pulling me along with it! I only had to go over areas once and all the hair got sucked up. It's taken a bit to get use to the maneuverability of it, but that will come. It came with a lot of attachments, the grooming tool is neat and works well with our dog. It would be nice if the vacuum could hold more of the attachments, or if it could come with a carry case for them all, but that is minor. Glad we made this purchase!
The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is an excellent choice for dealing with pet hair. It has no trouble cleaning hair on any surface, and it has a turbo brush to help vacuum on couches. It also comes with a dedicated pet grooming tool and is equipped with an allergen-trapping HEPA filter. Unfortunately, the vacuum has a mediocre build quality
Dyson est cher mais vaut la peine la qualité incroyable ..plus de poils de chat qui apparaissent après de nulle part je peux enfin marché sur mon plancher sans la poussiere collé au pied...
Parfait pour les animaux
J'ai eu la chance d'essayer cette balayeuse chez une amie lorsqu'elle était en vacances et je peux dire que j'ai été surpris tellement elle était efficace. Ramasse bien le poil et est très silencieuse.
Super aspirateur de confiance
J'ai adoré la puissance d'aspiration de cet aspirateur qui récoltait facilement les poils et allergènes de mes chats et chiens à la maison. Très facile d'utilisation. Plusieurs accessoires, dont mon préféré qui permet le toilettage de mes animaux. Idéal pour faire un ménage parfait. Je recommande à tout le monde Dyson qui est une marque de confiance !
Best vacuum ever!
I’ve owned this vacuum for over five years, it is hands down the most amazing vacuum. The suction is better than any vacuum i have ever used or owned.
Incredible suction..
This vacuum perfoms amazingly..it has great attachments and the suction is mind blowing..it is incredible.this vacuum picks up so much that after few days of using it i am not sneezing anymore during the morning..i think our house is dust free and hair free because of this vacuum..our couch and carpets are cleaner than ever..and it is easy to install..maybe the downside of it is it just a little heavy for me..but aside from that this vacuum is highly recommended.. Thank you hometester club and dyson!

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