4,3 5 0 24 24 Nous avons créé cette version de JOY par Dior autour de l’idée d’une explosion de fleurs rayonnantes aussi éblouissante qu’un feu d’artifice.
Eau De Parfum Intense JOY de Dior
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A charming perfume
Whenever I put on this perfume I feel like a baby again. It has a baby powder smell. Maybe that’s just my opinion. It lasts a really long time and I smell it through out the day. You will definitely get many compliments. Cant wait to put others onto this perfume.
Love the fragrance
I love the way it smells and lasts all day long. Very nice soft fragrance and love the name
I received this perfume as a gift from a friend and I absolutely love it! It is very strong so you only need one spray and you are good to go and ut will last all day long! I am not a fan of fake smells and this one definitely does not smell fake its very nice and elegant.
As a Dior fan I am always intrigued by their unique and delicate fragrances. This perfume did not disappointed me, its fragrance is clean and energetic. I can’t wait for them to create a hair mist of this perfume.
Nice scent!
Not one of my favorite scents but not one of my least favorites! It's kinda nutarel! Not to over powering but enough to last for a long.time.and linger in a room after I leave. A crisp smell.
Trop fort comme odeur
Il sent vraiment bon et diffuse une très bonne odeur mais c'est trop fort comme parfum. Ce n'est pas un parfum de tous les jours...
Décidément cette fragrance n'est pas pour moi. Je préfère les parfums subtiles et ce n'était pas le cas
Une odeur de fleurs
Un magnifique eau de parfum avec un peu de musc, beaucoup de fleur, ce dernier parfum de Dior est parfait pour le jour. Si vous aimer la rose et le musc, ce parfum fera votre bonheur, le prix est de $124 chez Sephora pour 1,7oz
Fresh Feel
I did enjoy this fragrance for a nice light and fresh flowery scent. It's good for an every day type of wear, as it is nothing too overwhelming. Received compliments asking what scent I was using
what a heavenly fragrence cant get enough of this
Il sent vraiment bon et diffuse une très bonne odeur c'est vraiment un très bon produit je vous le conseille
J'adore très bonne odeur,et bon format très belle bouteille et emballage je le recommande à toute les femmes qui se cherche un nouveau parfum une nouvelles odeur. Parfait comme cadeau.
Very Smooth
The fragrance is just wow. I love this product. Just awesome
very smooth
This product has such a good scent to it, I loved it soo much!! The product felt so good and the smell was the best part of it. I think that if there was a deal// 2 for 1 or something
Joy Dior
Not impressed with this product. Although the fragrance was fine, it reacted with my skin.



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