4,4 5 0 85 85 Notre parfum de noix de coco de plage combine des noix de coco thaïlandaises crémeuses, avec une riche vanille et une touche de sel de mer rose. C'est comme une note d'amour d'une noix de coco. Notre arôme d'eucalyptus remue l'eucalyptus australien et la menthe verte énergisante avec des notes vertes de thé oolong indonésien. C'est une sorte de paix intérieure dans un baume à lèvres.
eos flavorlab Stick Baume à lèvres – noix de coco et eucalyptus
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Perfect balm
These are fantastic!! I love the pack of two, I think the colours are fun and contrasting.The design of these tubes feel really good in hand.The flavours are great and it makes my lips very soft! Great, affordable product!
I love it keeps my lips soft and moisturized it smells great and in general I love everything about it
There is one thing I cant be without,......lip balm!
This stuff is amazing. Fresh new flavors smell great and work super well to keep my lips soft and free from chapping. Once you try it you will make it one of your "MUST HAVES"
Leaves lips dry
Leaves lips dry after 10 minutes. Would not purchase again
Awesome product for the outdoor sports! No more chapped lips!
Yummy and moisturized
The yummy smells of this product makes me want to apply it again and again. The moisturizing given by these lip balms are on a longer duration.
Fun flavours!
First of all, the flavours are fun. I also really like the design of these lip balms. They are super moisturizing and keep your lips soft for hours. I also use these as a base to my lipstick. I would really recommend these!
I will not buy anything else ever again.
I love this. The texture is perfect and the flavours are fun. The ingredients are natural and I keep buying them and giving them away to friends.
Lip balm
By far the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. It smells amazing and really soft on the lips.
Eos lip product
Worked very well on some and burning lips. The flavour was wonderful. Made you want to apply it more often than you needed to. Love it in lipstick form as you don't have to put a potentially germy finger on it like the ball format. Great product and concept.
Sweet and stable
So rejuvenating it's almost breath taking . The smell is wonders also
Great product for the price
Love this brand ! And on top of it all it’s affordable ! 5 stars from me
I really love this lip balm it’s very moisturizing and affordable you can typically find it in ultra target or Walmart at a reasonable price and the ingredients are really decent.
Above the rest
so strange that I found this product in one of the reviews as a matter of fact I purchased it because I was tired of the little round circles that EOS makes and now the little stick fits perfectly into my wallet into my pocket and easy to find it doesn't leave my lips dry and has wonderful moisture effects to it and there's no pasty rolling around the lip frame after several minutes of the product being on
Eos lip balm
Over all this a really nice lip balm, but for me i did not like the taste. But my daughter loved it, so its just me


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