eos™ Lotion pour les mains - fleur de baies

4,2 5 0 243 243 La lotion pour les mains fleurs de baies d'eos™ est agréablement nourrissante. 96 % naturel.
eos™ Lotion pour les mains - fleur de baies


Awesome lotion! They are just as good as there lip products!
It's okay
I am not really a fan for some reason. I felt like my hands were super oily after and wasn't big on the smell.
I loved to try it as I love eos lip balm I loved the hand cream too
Hydrate pas suffisament les mains
j'aime les produit EOS sauf que ce dernier dans mon cas n'hydrate pas assez longtemps et je dois en remettre...
Feels good, but is it good?
So when you first put this lotion on your hands feel nice but that feelings doesn't last for more than maybe an hour. What makes me wonder if the lotion even does moisturize or just sits nicely on top is that if I use it while using the computer it leaves a very sticky residue on my keyboard (and I do wait until it seems dry before resuming using the keyboard). My better creams never do this because I'm careful to try and avoid this. Another reason why I doubt if it actually helps is because it contains silicone which is great in makeup primers because it smooths the skin, but it doesn't do anything except sit on top of the skin and filling in the bumps giving a nice appearance and nothing else
two words..cute and so pretty!!
I love the Eos brands packaging it is so sleek and clean. Their hand lotion smells so nice while also giving your hands the hydration they need. I have both the berry blossom and cucumber one and love them both.
Cute on-the-go must have!
The packaging is super cute and very easy to travel with. Also, the scent is not too over powering and it is on the natural side which I love. The only thing is I wanted to use it before bed as well but since it's so light, I wouldn't recommend to use it for overnight purposes.
It comes in a unique package that is great to carry in your purse or pocket. The scent is a pleasant blueberry. I do find it feels a little sticky. It does keep your hands soft and silky for about an hour.
Overall Great Product
This product has great packaging. Easy to store and take with you on the go. The scent is a little strong for me. Overall it left my hands smooth and moisturized.
satiné !
C'est une crème légère, qui pénètre facilement la peau et rend les mains douces et non grasse de plus sont odeur est très agréable.
Smells like blossoms!
Beautiful packaging and it smells very nice and easy to apply on the hands! they do make your hands smell nice and smooth after using it. Though after using the cream after a while it does get harder to press the cream out from the package
Light weigh hand lotion that smells good
I bought this as a box set which includes the hand lotion, a lip balm and a bigger bottle body lotion. While I like all of them, I think the hand lotion did stand out. It smells good and it’s light weigh. Not greasy or sticky at all. It’s also handy for travel and on the go and can be put in a small purse since it’s so compact. It keeps my hands moisturized. Love this hand lotion.
cream that left my hands smooth
I love this product! it smells amazing, and would leave my hands feeling smooth whenever I applied it without feeling tacky or stiff which some other creams do. I definitely recommend this product to others, in fact I've bought many bottles myself (;
peely hands
i'm not sure if 'm allergic or what happened but it made my hands feel so dry and peely after using
Smells great
I love the eos lip balms so I was so excited to try the Hand lotion, it lived up to expectations and smells amazing


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