4,4 5 0 101 101 Relaxez avec l’odeur apaisante d’huiles essentielles de Febreze ONE pour tissus Lavande et Eucalyptus. Rafraichissez vos tissus les plus confortables comme les couvertures ou les divans et profitez de l’odeur légère et fraiche sans parfums forts ni aérosols.
Febreze ONE pour tissus Lavande et Eucalyptus
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Fresh and Functional
I absolutely love this product! I keep this in the bathroom to refresh both the air and our towels, and have experienced no skin irritation. The nozzle on the smaller bottles has an auto function that sprays a nice fine mist continuously with only three pulls, which is great for refreshing a whole room without tiring out your hand.
Love it
I love this scent, it's not super strong but strong enough u can smell the freshness.
A nice, fresh, scent that doesn't over power. Just absolutely love this product.
True to smell
I unlike how to smell disappears quickly. I use it for my mattress and my sofa and I just wish the smell would stay longer. Other than that it smells great
Smells great
Really love the smell of this one. True to the scent description. Just wish it lasted longer. Can’t smell it past a day.
Subtle amazing smell
Decided to try product out for my daughter and was very surprised on how the soothing the aroma from the product was. The lavender and eucalyptus was not overpowering. I would definitely recommend this product as it is so therapeutic.
Room for improvement
I purchased this product because I thought it would be nice to spray on couches and beds before people come over. The smell is lovely, but it is not long-lasting. As well, the nozzle is not the best quality. You have to hold the bottle perfectly level or it doesn't work or it spills over your hands. I purchased this product at walmart and the price was abit more than I would like to pay again.
Such a great smell
I have started using a little spray on my bedding at night. It’s wonderful to help clear the sinuses, smell lovely and relaxing and make you feel like your climbing into a freshly laundered bed each day. This smell combination is a winner
I love this product. The smell is calming and clean. It refreshes fabrics and leaves thing smelling just washed. Will definitely purchase again
Love this product
I use the fragrance of Bamboo or Lemongrass and it just leaves a very pleasant faint smell on my fabrics. I use it on the comforter of the bed, on my rugs.
I love this product. I use Every night on my pillows and blankets. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💤💤💤💤💤👏👏👏👏👏 What a WONDERFUL sleep
it does what it says.. Best for making the clothes fresh... i even spray it on my curtains and carpet
I love this!
This is a product I use regularly around my house. I have pets and it freshens up the pet beds and floor mats. It has a wonderful fresh smell.
Love lavender and eucalyptus! Putting them together is fabulous!
I love this everything about this product. The lavender and eucalyptus together is soothing. I spray it on my pillow before I go to sleep. So relaxing!


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