4,1 5 0 51 51 Relaxez avec l’odeur apaisante d’huiles essentielles de Febreze ONE pour tissus Lavande et Eucalyptus. Rafraichissez vos tissus les plus confortables comme les couvertures ou les divans et profitez de l’odeur légère et fraiche sans parfums forts ni aérosols.
Febreze ONE pour tissus Lavande et Eucalyptus
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Not a good smell
This doesn’t smell nice at all. It’s to strong and just lingers in the room. It’s gross and not my type of smell. It does however mask other smells
Love the smell
The smell bring you back when you go to the spa. So it's great.
Great smell
I am sensitive to some smells, but this is definitely not over bearing. I can spray this in a small room and not feel sick from the smell. I mostly use this for my pets beds and it gets rid of any lingering odours. I would definitely repurchase this in the future.
Not to strong
I've had horrible sinus issues since having my baby and this doesn't bother me at all. I can spray it everywhere, even on the bed and I don't get any symptoms that I would from a regular spray
Not Friendly to Fragrance Allergies
It works good though not friendly to those with fragrance allergies. It does not just get the room it is in though the whole place. Maybe if there were more variety of scents, say fruit ones and not as strong it could be better. Once it settles the scent is not bad.
Really great
I have used febreeze in the past and found the scent overpowering. I have severe sensitivities to scents and I purchased the febreeze one hoping it would not overwhelm me. It was amazing. Gentle scent and did exactly what febreeze says it does. I will purchase more in the future.
Good smell
good smell and overall very effective. the smell is refreshing. very easy to use as well and will give you effective and fast results. wish the spray bottle wpuld e work better though
Febreeze Lavender Fabric spray
I love this, my shoes get rather smelly at the end of the day, I simply spray this on 2 pieces of fabric, place in my shoes and the next day I have fresh smelling shoes. I use as an air freshener sometimes in the washroom. Freshens and leaves a lasting great scent.
bon produit
bon produit plus naturel que le régulier je vais le recommander
Try it!
Great smell, not overpowering at all. Can spray on any fabric to get rid of everyday house smells.
Awesome new smell
This product like all the febreeze products. Works great and love the new lavender scent
New fresh smell, great for pets
This is a great smell and works great on cushions that my dogs lay on.
I love this product
I love this because I can spray it on anything. I spray the curtains, couch, carpet, and the house always smells so fresh and clean.
Smells great
Fresh smelling my fabrics stay smelling good for hours. Dries fast as well minimal sprays needed.
I find if I spray Fabric One Refresher on my bedding before retiring, we have a more relaxing sleep, my husband myself even our dog



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