4,5 5 0 30 30 Laissez le parfum croquant et équilibré de la citronnelle avec une touche de gingembre rafraîchir tous vos tissus lorsque vous utilisez le Febreze ONE Désodorisant Textile à la citronnelle & au gingembre. Des couvertures confortables aux meubles, vous pouvez éliminer les odeurs facilement et sans aucun parfum artificiel.
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Great unique scent!
I absolutely love this new scent. Sometimes I find with these types of products the scents are so strong and unnatural. But this one is very nice and calming. I’m so happy that febreeze has this new line!!
This is a nice light product for anyone who has scent sensibilities, I would definitely recommend especially for use around young children/adults who don't like using too many chemicals.
Odeur propre et frais, agréable !je trouve que ce fut un bon produit à essayer.
Pas vraiment apprécié
Je trouve que il s'en vraiment trop fort mais il au moins le parfum dur longtemps
enjoyed the light fresh scent. nice combination. I would recommend this to my friends especially the ones that are bothered by heavy scents
Love this scent so much! The air is so refreshing wherever this is sprayed. The combination of peppermint and rosemary is a good blend and you can breathe in the aroma hours after initial use.
Amazing scent
I always love febreeze. This product smells good and i love it
Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Excellent product.
Très bon ce qui es plaisant c'est qu'il sent longtemps ! Bravo!
buy me!!
I have scent sentivities...and I had no reaction to this lightly scented product. The soft smell remained in the room and didn't linger or disappear. Definately would purchase again
Love Febreze
I have been using Febreze products for years and I love it. This new scent is amazing and a refreshing change. I like the smell it leaves ,very fresh. When I started using the new scent all my friends we’re asking me what it was and now I am happy to say Malloy of my friends have also purchased the new scent . Thank you Febreze for this new scent. It’s amazing!
Can't go won't with Febreze
Always dependable! We love the new scent, it's not strong but rather subtle and enjoyable!
Lovely smell of summer!
I purchased this when it was still cold and snowy outside and it was like bringing your summer garden indoors. It is just lovely and pet friendly too.
Febreze ONE FABRIC Peppermint & Rosemary
I do like the fragrance 👍 and the scent lasts a long time 👍 The only dislike is that it is a very potent solution--
This is great
The smell is great and peppermint is good for headaches. This product helps keep headaches at bay. I like that it is safe for animals. I don't think it needs any improvements. I would recommend this to everyone.



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