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It's average and doesn't smell or work as well as other products I've tried. It only holds for a half hour.
Not as good as expected
I purchased this Finess hairspray to try it out to see what it would be like. I thought it was going to be great because I heard it was but sadly I was very wrong. When I tried combing my hair with the hairspray, unfortunately my hair got tangled up.
Did not feel that this hairspray was suitable for my hair type. It left my hair sticky and hard to manage.
I would recommend this product to a friend,but I would recommend that person not to breathe in the mist as it made me gag.
This is a great product and does not leave my hair feeling heavey and weighed down like other hairsprays do. Great price!
i did not find that this hair spray keeps my hair in place. I doesn't leave it feeling sticky but not firm enough.
It really hold well. It smells good. It is inexpensive as well.
I'm using this right now. I use it for smoothing my ponytails. It smells great if you don't get the unscented by mistake like I've done before. I used to use the swartenkoffgjgogjgjdo brand but it's way too pricey and this works as good if not better.
Inexpensive and does the job, doesn't leave my hair dry or sticky.
a good basic hair spray. I've used better however you can't go wrong with the price.
I do not like this at all, not only it smells bad, it does absolutely nothing to my hair , it makes it crunchy and untouchable, I would never recommend this product to anyone who wants a bit of style /hold in their hair
Finesse Self Adjusting Hair Spray Helps hold your style all day long!It has a n9ice scent and works well.
I love the Finesse self adjusting hair spray! It makes my hair hard and stay in place and that`s what im looking for the hair spray to do. :) Only think I don`t like is how sticky it gets if it touches your skin. Its a gross feeling :(
Does a good job keeping my fine hard to manage hair styled but I`m not fond of the smell.
Love the price but the product is a little sticky/tacky/crunchy. Maybe I put too much but I got the light hold so it shouldn`t look hard like it did. Just have to be careful to only apply a little bit


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