4,8 5 0 22 22 Ces rondelles sans alcool combattent l'acné sans dessécher la peau. Le kaolin et l'acide salicylique aident à éliminer les impuretés tandis que l'Evermat absorbe le sébum, minimise l'apparence des pores et réduit la brillance. L'huile d'arbre de thé et l'écorce de saule aident à exfolier et à lisser la texture de la peau.
First Aid Beauty – FAB Pharma Rondelles Pour le Traitement de L'Acné à L’Argile Blanche avec 2% D’Acide Salicylique
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The best
The absolute best really like it how it feels on my skin
best product for acne
I love that this product leaves my skin feeling clean and helps with its overall health. Clears my blemishes.
Ot always works for when I have pimples takes them away
Healthy skin
I love that this product leaves my skin feeling clean and helps with its overall health. Clears my blemishes.
I used the FAB Pharma White Clay Acne Treatment Pads 2% Salicylic Acid. I love these acne pads, these pads are great for people with Acne. They make my face feel fresh and clean. It’s very affordable as well I would highly recommend it.
I love it
I personally have really dry and sensitive skin. I have also been struggling with acne on my forehead. My friend recommended me to try this acne pad and I have been loving it since then. It does not irritate my skin and reduces my face acne. I would definitely recommend this!!
Good for oily skin
This was a little drying for my already dry skin. However, it worked well for my pimples and oily forehead T-zone. I would definitely use it as a spot treatment since my acne is not all over my face. I would recommend it for people with more oily skin as it may not dry out their skin as much.
Love it
I have always had trouble with acne but also suffer from extremely sensitive skin. I love this product because it is super easy to use and I haven’t had any trouble with my skin while using it.
Not too bad
I enjoyed using these. If your skin isn’t used to the acid in these then you may need to start using them once every 2-3 days and work your way up to once per day like I did. I even used these on the neck / chest area. Gives my skin a little extra boost when my other skincare doesn’t work. Will purchase again.
Not strong enough
Its alright, I wouldnt recommend to anyone looking for fast results its a good cleanser pad to have around for a quick clean, does not work for myself personally. May vary on skin type.
I would purchase this product
I used this on my 11year old daughters forehead and hair line where her acne was. With in a week it was way better just small red bumps vs the swollen acne the prior week . I would recommend this product
Best acne treatment
Pharma white clay acne treatment has been a miracle for me especially now as i wear face masks and i break out regularly in the chin area. I find that this treatment not only sooths all the redness but it also leaves my skin feeling smooth. Totally love it !
Love it
Would buy again Great value Available at Sephora Would use daily
Loved it! It was so much gentler than other similar products I’ve tried while still being effective.
Great for acne skin
I didn’t except much, when I had purchased this first. All acne companies claim this and that. However after using this for a month. My acne has tremendously gone down /‘d my face looks so much brighter


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