Fixatif Alberto European Tenue extra Non parfumé

4,5 5 0 17 17 Le Fixatif Alberto European Tenue extra Non parfumé offre une tenue extra longue durée pour les coiffures difficiles. Il contient un écran de protection contre l’humidité et un filtre UV afin de prévenir les agressions de l’environnement. Ce fixatif est non parfumé, idéal pour les peaux et les nez sensibles.
Fixatif Alberto European Tenue extra Non parfumé


Great hold
I've been using this hairspray for a few years now it's definitely my favourite.It has great hold that lasts all day with no touch up and no smell which is amazing!! Definitely recommend!!
Totally worth it!
This product is amazing! I use it as my daily hair spray. With the different levels of hold, you can get the perfect amount for you. This is perfect for keeping those curls in the exact shape you want!
worth it
works great totally worth it would buy and recommend to family/others.
Verry good Product i use Them.. IT has been for ever and i am not planning on stopping using Them...
I usually use aerosols,but my daughter uses this one,so decided to try it when she was visiting. Great hold,not heavy and smells good :)
My go to.
This is the only hairspray I use. Holds all day. A few sprays in the morning is all I use. Price us also very good!
Not very unscented
This product says unscented but does have a strong scent
Firm Hold
Goes on evenly with each pump. Firmly holding hair in place. No stick to touch. No touch ups required as it is in place for the day.
works ok
there seems to be a pump hairspray shortage lately!! I haven't been able to purchase my usual product, so I bought this. I usually use a flexible kind. this made my hair feel heavy and left residue. unfortunately there is not a lot of options lately
Alberto hairspray
I absolutely love it it works great on my hair I highly recommend this hairspray
Alberto Hairspray
It has always been my go to hair spray since i was a preteen now into my late is good and i have recommend to my family and friends
Debbie’s Review
This product is very good. It hold a long time and washes out pretty well. I would recommend this product if your hair is hard to hold a curl.
I am delighted with this product and I get lots of comments on how nice my hair smells.
Works well to set your style or gives that extra help on a windy day. Not sticky and like that it is unscented.
Ohhh Alberto!
This is a very good hair spray. It's not super sticky and it holds well for most of the day. If your hair is long and you want body, spray at the root and blow dry with hot air for a bit and the style will hold amazing! It's great for push down the fly-a-ways.


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