Freshpet Select nourriture plates grillés de poulet tendre pour chats

4,3 5 0 14 14 La recette de poulet aux carottes et épinards Plats Grillés Select de Freshpet est formulée pour atteindre les niveaux nutritionnels établis par l’AAFCO dans leurs profils des nutriments pour les chats de tous âges. Cet emballage contient poulet frais, foie, grains entiers, légumes, et 18 vitamines et minéraux.
Freshpet Select nourriture plates grillés de poulet tendre pour chats


Cats loves it
Low the price, my cats loves those goodies. Dont feel bad to give them some love
Amazing cat food! I finally found a good, healthy food for my kitties that they actually like! It’s affordable and no junk in it that I have to worry about feeding my babies.
Way better than the beef option!
I love that it's becoming more popular to feed not only dogs but cats REAL food instead of just pellets. My cats absolutely LOVE this food, especially the chicken one. The beef one is not a fav and it makes my younger cat vomit so I stopped buying it.
Yes and no
I have three cats two of them love this stuff they will cry till I give it to them. Now as for the other one he smells it and gags it’s so funny to watch them try new things.
Dog loved it!
I can tell you, my cat much prefers his regular brand of dry catfood, however, my dog ate the rest of it! Its not really a surprise, shes just like a vaccuum machine!
Happy kitty
I of course did not try this personally, my kitties however couldn't get enough! I had to hide them in something they couldn't find a way into or they could have ate themselves into a coma
My dogs salivate over this food!
We raw feed our dogs. We have a rotti and boston terrier. We recently made a switch to freshpet because we live the kibble form for ease of feeding a to both a big dog and little dog. The ingredients are fresh and wholesome which we love!
Looks great
I tried this product which looks and sound perfect with cats who only eat dry food... they liked it at first but not so much after a dew days. It doesn't say anything about the food only my cats are used to dry food.
Cat loved it
I liked the simple and healthy ingredient list. The smell was actually pretty decent -- way more bearable than most cat foods. My fussy 6 yr old cat loves it. We use it as a supplement along with her dry food.
Gotta use quick!
I'm sure it's healthier, but it's not the healthiest. I did like that it was fresh. But it went bad fast. So buy what you can use up. If they had sealed bags maybe? But even in the container it still went bad.
My cats are quite finicky but loved this fresh tasting food. Will definitely purchase this on a regular basis.
Easy to serve, good value
One of my 3 felines has severe and multiple food allergies. He not only can have this food, but really enjoys it - as do my other 2. It is easy to serve, portable for travelling and provides good nutrition.
For the Finicky Feline
My geriatric cat is no longer interested in eating like she used to. However springing Freshpet on and mixing it with her Vet approved food has her eating well and keeping her weight in a healthy range.
Moist cat food/treat
When I purchased this and served it to my cat I used it more as a kibble topper. My cat is extremely picky and actually seemed to like this moist cat kibble. I recommend


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