GAIN Sweet Sizzle™ fireworks® rehausseur de parfum pour lessive

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GAIN Sweet Sizzle™ fireworks® rehausseur de parfum pour lessive


These smell fantastic! Love adding them to my laundry, they keep my masks smelling great! Leaves a refreshing scent when having to wear a mask all day!
In love
This is my favourite!!!! I love it. I use it for everything other than laundry.. let the beeds disolve in a spray bottle and you now have gaine febreeze.. i pray the house woth it.
Good Smelling Laundry
Honestly anything Gain you know your clothes are going to smell great. I love a good strong scent on my clean clothes. Love this scent and the product. Easy to use and clothes come out smelling great.
nice booster
I really like this product. It is so satisfying to pick up a clean towel that's been washed a week ago but still smells as fresh as if I had washed them yesterday. The scent is settled and lovely. I recommend this product!
Love it
I really like this product because you add to wash and leaves a nice scent on clothes without it becoming too strong.
I love gain
For fragrance purpose i only use gain... so good product
I have used these in my garbage can, gym bag, laundry, dresser and car to mask any unpleasant odour.
Smells so good!
I use these little pods when washing our towels. We all love the smell of them and it’s so refreshing! My only complaint is the small container for the price. If you can get them on sale it’s worth the purchase.
I like them but not the cost. I think downtown is pricey too.
Scent that covers teenage boy
Smells so good. If wherever I'm shopping has the detergent, fabric softener, scent beads and dryer sheets all in the same scent, even better. The scent lasts, when I take clothes out of the closet or drawer, they still smell amazing. I have a hubby that works construction, 2 dogs and a teenage boy, who let's face it, teenage boys that are active dont smell pretty. These scent beads cover the smell of the boys and dogs. Not to mention once they go in the dryer I sit outside by the vent because it smells fanfriggintastic!!!!
Love This Gain
I buy this product all the time. It’s one of my favourite additives to my clothes when throwing them in the washer.leaves them smelling good ten times longer and I recommend everyone to try!
Fresh Scent
I love all Gain products and scents. Definitely one of my favorites to use on laundry day. Very long lasting and fresh
Best scents!
Gain has a great selection of scents. I don’t think I’ve found one I didn’t like!
I LOVE Gain firework beads. They smell amazing. They leave your clothes smelling great after hanging them up in your closest for a few weeks if you don't wear them. I would recommend this product.
Le meilleur de sa catégorie, j'ai essayé plusieurs produit semblable et c'est le meilleur à date. Mème quand on lave le linge, un parfum embaume ma maison, c'est très agréable.


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