4,8 5 0 22 22 Épaisses et alvéolées, elles sont imprégnées d'une formule démaquillante efficace, contenant de l’eau micellaire et l’huile d’argan.
Garnier Lingettes Micellaires Démaquillantes avec Huile d’Argan
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Malgré que le prix est élevé le produit est ecellent
Love these!
Doesn't make skin feel oily. Takes off dirt and make up easily
Huile d'argan est parmi les huiles qui sont très importants pour la beauté. Ces lingettes sont fait à l'aide de l'huile d'argan ce que j'aime vraiment d'être nettoyant sans Affecter la peau par contre l'enrichir avec ce qui est nécessaire.
takes my makeup without an effort. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Smells nice. I would recommend for those times when you can't wash your makeup off
The first time I had purchased these Garnier Makeup Removing Micellar Wipes, I had only decided to by them because they happened to be on sale at the time. I really had no higher expectations of these wipes in comparison with some of the other make-up removing wipes I've tried. I was rather surprised at how easily I was able to remove all of my make-up; including my waterproof stuff, with this product. Not only that, but the skin on my face was not left dehydrated after using these wipes for several days in a row, which is a common problem for me with other wipes. These Garnier Makeup Removing Micellar Wipes with Argan Oil are awesome. They help you feel clean, look good, and smell great!
Garnier wipes are my go to every night for gentle makeup removal. Having sensitive skin makes it a challenge to find gentle and effective facial cleaners, but these wipes are both. Garnier wipes not only clean my foundation and powder off well, but even my stubborn mascara. The convenient package can be stored easily and keeps the wipes moist until the last wipe is used. Two thumbs up!
The micellar water it’s infused with in amazing for my skin, you for sure recommed.
Very good quality for good price. I like Ganier products but this is amazing
Love it for my waterproof makeup or even fuller cover products!
I have the Micellar Garnier liquid face cleaner, which I loved so I thought I would try the Garnier Makeup Removing Micellar Wipes with Argan Oil. Well I was not disappointed. It cleaned, refreshed and made my skin feel soft and fresh. Non greasy.
These are the only wipes I use now. So handy and my skin feels so good after I use them
Removes my makeup nicely and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin!
Great product. Instantly removes all make up even waterproof mascara and leaves your skin soft
Garner products are my go to ! Absolutely love them :-)
My daughter gave me some of the wipes to try, I am going to buy it



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