4,7 5 0 27 27 Imbibées d’eau micellaire, elles sont spécialement conçues pour retirer le maquillage des peaux sensibles.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes
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would love to try these but i have sensetive skin i hope to try them just to test on my skin
Would love to try this product, please send sample!!!
I have not tried the cleansings wipes but have tried it in the bottle. I bought one and then bought another one as it takes off my makeup (especially my black eyeliner) and doesn't bother my eyes at all. I have tried other ones that say they don't cause burning eyes which still did cause problems. This one and the other one I bought of the same kind only 1 was for sensitive skin and the other normal works great.
i use wipes of another kind but ive heard execellent reviews regarding this product i would like the chance to sample and see if its right for my skin
I'd love to try out these wipes, since i am looking for wipes that won't irritate my skin and won't leave redness behind
Une lingette pour peau sensible, ça me plairait de l'essayer. Merci!
Would like to try this product as well also hear very good things about it, but have never tried it myself. I love the chance.
I saw these facial cleansing wipes when I was looking for another brand. I bought Live Clean Facial Wipes instead because I love their products and I know they work well. If given the opportunity, I would like to try Garnier Micellar wipes.
I haven't tried these but am going to very soon. I use the Garnier bottle Micellar right now. Amazing stuff so I think this will be the same thing only much handier.
Would love to try this product to see if it compares to my Burts Bees cleansing cloths.
Haven't tried this, but I have tried the Micallar water and it works great. I'm sure this would work just as good only it would be more convenient.
I would be interested in trying these wipes as I like that it's alcohol free.
love this product makes me feel clean and fresh and are affordable
malheureusement j ai pas eu la chance de l essayer mais j aimerais bien
Jaimerai bien lessayer c un elegant produit il a lair pratique



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