Garnier Ombrelle Enfants Mineral Protection Solaire Fps 50+

4,8 5 0 50 50 La lotion Ombrelle FPS 50+ Enfants est une protection solaire douce et hydratante conçue spécialement pour la peau délicate de l’enfant.
Garnier Ombrelle Enfants Mineral Protection Solaire Fps 50+


Great product.
This is a product that has been suggested by my mother who was referred to it by her mother. Were a family of sensitive skin people, so finding a product that works and doesn't cause a breakout or skin irritation is pertinent. Thank you for the years of skin protection.
Fonctionne bien
J'ai mis cette crème solaire sur mon bébé lorsque nous allions prendre nos marche et allions à la piscine toute l'été et il n'a jamais eu de coup de soleil. Par contre, cette crème est très difficile à appliquer surtout sur un bébé qui bouge sans cesse mais elle fonctionne très bien. Je recommande ce produit.
Ombrelle satisfies our sunblock criteria
We have fair, sensitive skin and this product protected well without giving anyone a rash. I felt confident applying this product on my children and for myself. The product did take some time to rub on, and if not applied well we would be left with white on us. We live in the country and have well water, if the lotion got on our clothing, it would react and leave our clothing with orange marks after being wahed. But it lasted a long time and held up very well while playing in the pool. It is muc more expensive, but worth it; its our go to brand. No sunburns or rashes, it satisfied our sunblock requirements.
not just for kids
I work outside and tried lots of products, however this one stays on even in very hot weather and with my sensitive skin it work extremely well compared to higher priced products.
J'ai testé sur moi et mon fils de 1 ans depuis le début de l'été. Notez que nous avons les deux un teint de painte de lait et moi je ne bronze jamais et prend des coups de soleil en un rien de temps. Ni mon petit homme et moi n'avons eu des coups de soleil cet été encore. Alors je trouve cette crème vraiment bien et je la rachèterais certainement.
This lotion is amazing. I am glad it can be used as a sunscreen as well.
This is the best sunscreen on the market. I recommend this sunscreen to all my friends with kids. I just wish they would make larger containers. It is a tad expensive but definitely worth it.
I trust this as safe to use with my kids. It's easy to find in most stores.
this is our go too for our whole family too !!! can't wait to use it again this summer . I TRUST Ombrelle !! It works don't buy cheaper brands to much additives in them ( very dangerous )
Garnier Ombrelle is the best sunscreen out there!! it is not oily or greasy, light, absorbs fast and works very well even when wet. i have stopped using all other sunscreen after i bought this!!
Garnier Ombrelle is my favourite sunscreen for the whole family. it is non greasy and works the best out of everything i have tried.
Garnier Ombrelle is our go-to sunscreen for the whole family, whether it be in the garden, at the seashore or on the golf course.
With three kids, you need sunscreen and a good one. This is it! Two of my kids have really sensitive skin and no problems! Perfect for my fair skinned kids not one that gets a burn. Goes on smooth and doesn't leave a white film or sticky sensation.
doesn't leave a sticky greasy feeling on your skin I use it as well as some of my friends
I like this product for the whole family. Non greasy and high SPF


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