gateries de poulet VitaLife toutes les friandises naturelles pour chiens

4,7 5 0 69 69 Nourrissez vos amis à fourrure bien-aimés avec toutes les friandises pour chiens naturelles, saines et délicieuses qui ont un goût aussi bon que sonore. Les filets de poulet entièrement naturels VitaLife sont faibles en gras, riches en protéines animales, faits de filet de poitrine de poulet de qualité supérieure à 100%.
gateries de poulet VitaLife toutes les friandises naturelles pour chiens


My dog loves it
I have a lab and he loves these treats to munch on. Great to keep him occupied and his teeth.
Dog approved!
I have a 14 pound Poodle Schnauzer cross breed. I break this up into dime sized pieces and store them in an airtight jar. When I leave the house, I toss a couple pieces on the floor. They don’t make a mess and she’s quite content to be left alone after.
For the love of dogs
My older dogs had difficulty chewing these, tearing apart, but seemed to enjoy. They seemed to enjoy the taste, but any improvement I could suggest would be, to soften up the edges. I cut my hand and bled from the sharp edge.
Begging for More!
Annie my 5 pound poodle and getting up in years has gotten super fussy on what she eats. These treats she goes crazy on, find easy enough to chew even at her small size. Because she not a big eater, these are the only thing some days she will eat so I know she’s getting something good in her tummy. Excellent price point, a couple of sizes and found in most pet specialtie stores.
Dogs love these
What a great value! My dog loves these and he feels like he is being spoiled. They are not smelly and leave no mess. They always arrive fresh and chicken flavor has been a huge hit!
Happy Doggos !
My Dogs are more than happy with this product .. they kept coming back and wanting me to give them more.. they stood looking at the package with puppy dog eyes trying to win more outta love lol I think your doggos will approve
My Dog Loved It!
This a great! My dog loves these…he knew the bag right after his first taste and got so excited thereafter lol Definitely recommend trying them!
They Can’t get enough
My fur babies have a favourite treat they prefer over the rest and this is it! They love it and I love it for them.
My dogs are elderly and extremely picky. These are their preference treats. I’ve been purchasing for months and won’t stop!
My dog
Ma petite Biscotte les adores elle les cache pour mieux les manger après vraiment drôle
My dogs LOVE this treat
My dogs are always excited to receive one of these treats.
Happy Dog
This product is great. My dog loves them. As soon as she sees the bag she immediately sits with her paw outstretched for me so she can get one. Highly recommend this product for your dog
My dogs flip over these
I love giving something good to my fur babies. They enjoy them so much sometimes they do extra tricks, without asking.
Vitalife natural chews
I have 2 little ones that love these chews, we have purchased all flavours and they are a staple in our house. I love the fact that they contain meat and nothing else. I love the fact that the the bag is resealable to prevent them from drying out. It’s the only treat we buy after trying out so many.
They seem to be very good quality. LULU Likes them and actually are real food.


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