4,5 5 0 43 43 3x plus de pouvoir anti-pli versus les feuilles régulière Bounce et 2x la grosseur des feuille assouplissantes régulières. Réduit la statique dans les tissus et laisse les vêtements extrêmement doux avec une odeur fraiche de plein-air.
Grandes feuilles assouplissantes et anti vêtements froissés odeur extérieur fraiche
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Better than ironing
I hate ironing. So much so that I avoid buying clothes that need to be ironed. Despite this, there are times when my clothes are a little more wrinkled than I’d like. While the wrinkle-release sheets won’t give the same crispness as an iron, they get the wrinkles out enough to not look unkempt. I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you don’t want to use their wrinkle-release fabric softener.
i never on my dryer without putting these sheets in... its a must in my household... highly recommended
Wrinkely in Canada
Hi all I bought these dryer sheets assuming that my clothes would be pretty much wrinkle-free, but i found that they were just like any other dryer sheet, except being a large sheet and found my clothes felt soapy feeling.
Kids says smells “fresh and goodie”
the whole family loved their wrinkle free, mild refreshing after laundry clothes. Often gets good comments from my kids on how my laundry smells “fresh and goodie” .
Smells so clean and it lasts forever. Thats what it's for me.
Works Good
I think this product is good. I left a load of laundry in the dryer over night and the next day.... no wrinkles! That was nice because I have done it before and all the clothes had to be re-rinsed and dried! :)
buying this for life
I’ve been using these ever since I was little. They smell great and are amazing when it comes to getting rid of the static! They also make your clothes unbelievably soft. Definitely recommend and will continue to use forever.
love this product from Bounce!
thia product works great, smells sutle, even the man in my life lkes it, iys a bit pricey but deffanatly worth the purchase! they are large sheets which i thought they would empty fast . but they last, as they are needed for only certain loads,
Smells good
I love how my clothes resist wrinkles and smell so good 😊 I was tried of using cheap brands and having to use extra ! Maybe some different packaging ! Ha ha no it’s fine the packaging is nice
Je m’attendais à mieux
Oui ça aide un peu mais j’ai été quand même obligé de repasser
Keep wrinkles away
My front load washer loves to tie my clothes in knots. Using these dryer sheets has finally gotten the resulting wrinkles out!
We have used these for about 4 weeks now. I find our clothes much softer. Less wrinkles if you grab your items from the dryer right away. If I have a smaller load I rip it in half. My clothes smell great!
Does what it says.
It does help keep wrinkles from happening. If you remove the clothes from the dryer right after it stops they have very few wrinkles. If I have a small load, I tear them in half.
I have used these for about 2 weeks and noticed everything was softer and smelled very fresh. Will continue to use these.
No more wrinkles!
I just recently bought this product. I have noticed a huge difference in the dryer with theses new type of dryer sheets. Definitely going to keep purchasing these dryer sheets.



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