4,5 5 0 26 26 3x plus de pouvoir anti-pli versus les feuilles régulière Bounce et 2x la grosseur des feuille assouplissantes régulières. Réduit la statique dans les tissus et laisse les vêtements extrêmement doux avec une odeur fraiche de plein-air.
Grandes feuilles assouplissantes et anti vêtements froissés odeur extérieur fraiche
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Great for wrinkles, a lot of sent
I found that it worked very well as advertised however the sent was very strong, would be interested to try again if they come out with a less sented version.
Bounce wrinkle guard sheets
I tried this product after seeing it advertised on tv and was amazed at the results! It cut down on ironing time and saved some electricity as well! I recommend it to everyone who wants to spend less time ironing and more time enjoying their life!
Love the scent. It did help to reduce the amount of wrinkles in my laundry.
Bounce sheets review
Overall other people like this, however the strong scent is too storng for me as I am sensitive to detergents and dryer sheets.
I don't use dryer sheets often. I tried these, they remove wrinkles and static especially during the colder/winter months. They smell great too !
Works to Reduce Wrinkles
I use these sheets only in my dryer loads that contain items that wrinkle easy such as dress pants and blouses. These sheets reduce the wrinkles and therefore the amount of ironing needed.
Not bad
I don’t use dryer sheets very often as they are not very good for your dryer but I really like to use them in with my towels they help give a fresh scent and keep them less staticky
They work like Bounce
I think they worked like regular bounce does. I don't put a lot of clothes in the dryer that would wrinkle so I can't really compare.
No more wrinkles and static in laundry
Pleasant smell and works great. Reduces wrinkles and no static left. Sheets are great
Great option!
A great product. Bigger sheets. Clothes come out so much softer. Nice smell too
All about the smell.
Thicker sheets, keeps clothes soft, and great smell. What more could you ask for in a dryer sheet. Good product Bounce.
Smells fresh
They really smell good. They help with wrinkles. I am glad they came out with something new.
Wrinkles aren't for clothes
Saw an ad on TV for this and had to buy it for my son and husband. Although skeptical at first, after trying it I won't go back to my regular fabric softener...the clothes looked so much better and I no longer need to use the wrinkle release on the dryer.
Iron no more
I am used to ironing my clothes to make sure that there are no wrinkles,but it is time consuming(plus the electricity it uses!).So glad a friend recommended this product.Love it!
Amazing fragrance
Have used this on friends recommendation, and you know What I realized that I missed a great product, it's like new life to my clothes