4,7 5 0 97 97 Offrez-vous une gâterie de niveau supérieur avec la crème glacée HÄAGEN-DAZS Exträaz Rocky Road. Nous avons ajouté des ingrédients texturés à notre crème glacée HÄAGEN-DAZS délicieusement unique, vous offrant ainsi une expérience incomparable qui comblera vos fringales les plus intenses. Des tourbillons moelleux à la guimauve et des amandes grillées sont combinés à notre légendaire crème glacée au chocolat faite de produits laitiers 100 % canadiens. Le résultat est une expérience délicieuse, qui est de retour à la demande générale.
HÄAGEN-DAZS Exträaz Rocky Road Crème Glacée
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Explosion de saveurs
Cette glace me fait tout simplement rappeler mon enfance.
Délicieux et doux
Très bonne balance de saveur, sucré mais on sent pas le sucre artificiel, pas dur , texture tendre
This is the closest thing to Baskin Robins Rocky Road that I've come across yet.
best icecream everrrrr..... I loveeeee haagen dazs... its soooooo gooodddd... I never fail to buy it when i go grocery shopping
Bon produit
La crème glacée est très bonne. Toutefois, je m'attendais à mieux puisque j'ai adoré pâte à biscuit. Plus de guimauve serait mieux!
This is my go to for a cheat-day snack! Everyone already knows Haagen-Dazs is the best frozen dessert, but this ice-cream has to be the brands top notch flavor. It hits that chocolate-nutty-creamy craving; I typically like to add extra nuts/chocolate or topping to my ice-cream, but when I get this flavor I don't even bother.
Rocky Road Haagen-Dazs
I am not a great fan of hard ice creams but I must say that when I really want an ice cream treat it is Haagen-Dazs I reach for. I really did enjoy the creamy,chocolaty,rich and crunchy explosion I got from that first spoonful of the RockyRoad.
Rock my world!
Amazing ice cream the amount of nuts is abundant the marshmello sweet but not over the top. The combo e
Best ice cream you could ever ask for. The flavor is so delectable.
Real Ice Cream!
Love that the first few ingredients are all natural!
creme glacée
Haagen dazs c'est du bonheur a chaque bouchée, ils ont le tour pour faire une creme glacée savoureuse qui te donne envie de vider le pot, c'est trop bon la saveur rocky road c'est dur de ne pas vider le pot
My favorite Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavor
This is, no doubt, my favorite ice cream flavor from this brand. I've been eating this since I was a child. It has a perfect mix: chocolate, vanilla, marshmallows and almonds! They go amazing together, trust me. I've recently started loving this again, because for a while, I couldn't find it in any store, which made me confused. Happy that it's back tho!
Yummy In Everyone's Tummies :6
Yummy In Everyone's Tummies :6 and I do mean Everyone! I can not imagine another person that enjoys icecream at all, would be able to give this Absolutely Delicious Specialty IceCream anything less than a five star review! I'm hoping that you all get to try this one, as I did. It's definitely aNever Forget It Taste that stays with you forever. My entire family' enjoyed this one as much as I did & hope you all get your own to taste soon too! Maybe we will get this one for our families to try again for Free In the very near future I hope!
Perfection in a cup
I absolutely LOVED this ice cream! So many toppings and the ice cream itself is nice and creamy and smooth! Rocky road is an amazing flavor! Only downside is the carton was too small!!
Super tasty
I love Haagen Dazs, and this flavour did not disappoint. There is a ton of toppings, including crunchy nuts and chocolate. It's not too sweet. I like Extraaz in general. I would recommend this, especially when it goes on sale for $3.99!



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