4,7 5 0 83 83 La meilleure lotion pour bébés ayant la peau sensible devrait nourrir en douceur et prendre soin de leur peau délicate.
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Good moisturizer
Over all a really great moisturizer for babies. We used this a lot for my niece. The price point is good and worked really well on her dry skin. I would recommend trying it. But try to get it on sale.
Love Dove!
Our family love dove products! My kids been using this dove lotion regularly and leaves their skin moisturized! Will definitely buy again!
Baby soap
This Product is very great I love how smooth it is for my baby , little goes a long way i’ve had this product for about three months and it’s lasted I still have lots to go. My baby skin so soft and smells so nice it’s very gentle I even use it on my toddler
12/10 would buy again
As a child I suffered a lot with sensitive skin and so my mom always used Dove products... Well fast forward 20-something years later, here I am with my own children... Who unfortunately seem to have inherited my sensitivities...(Sorry boys). So of course I've gone through using various baby lotions to see what works for them. Naturally, Dove was one of them, and of course, as it did for me, it has helped with my boys. This product leaves their skin feeling nice and soft without any irritation. Will always buy again!
Love this stuff!
I absolutely adore this stuff! I am prone to breakouts on my face and I can use this lotion without any problem. The smell is clean and fresh, there is no greasy residue on my hands, body or face and it's extremely affordable. I highly recommend trying.
leaves the skin soft
I use this on my babies and I love it. No strong smell and no sticky feeling. Their skin is left nice and soft. A little goes a long way with this stuff.
We love Dove!
My son has super sensitive skin. He would break out in a rash after we tried so many products. But not with Dove. It’s so gentle on his skin and keeps him hydrated. It doesn’t leave a greasy film which is important to me.
Ce produit est excellent et très bon pour la peau et j’aime beaucoup cette odeur de fraîcheur sur ma peau c’est ma marque favorite je vous recommande.
Worked great for my twins
Helped with eczema on my baby's skin! Did not hurt their eyes and left them with soft skin.
This is absolutely great for babies. It works for mine. It smells lovely and keeps their skin soft and smooth.
So soft!
So nice to use this on my LO skin and also my own!
Good Baby lotion
We tried this on my son when it first came out and I love how soft it made my sons skin feel! It was a tad greasy I found, but it did not have any strong purfumes or scents so that was great!
Our absolute favorite!
This is the best baby product I have ever found! This is our third baby and it is all we used for all three except for a month of the first baby. Who spent that first month screaming every time he had a bath. Once we switched it up bath time became calm and relaxed. Absolutely the best baby product we have ever purchased.
Tres bon produit
Mon bébé à la peau très sèche et cette lotion aide beaucoup à bien hydrater sa peau.
À racheter assurément
Nous avons reçu une bouteille en cadeau pour nos enfants qui ont la peau sensible et, après l'avoir essayé, nous sommes tombés sous le charme. Ce produit laisse la peau douce et n'est pas agressif pour la peau des petits bébés. Excellente marque !



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