4,2 5 0 6 6 Jamieson Fer Plus Vitamine B12 est une formule délicieux qui aide a réduire la fatigue causée par une carence en fer. Fortifiée avec vitamine B12 (méthylcobalamine), ces comprimés à croquer quotidien aide aussi a fournit un soutien énergétique naturelle.
Jamieson Fer Plus Vitamine B12
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Really helps
I highly recommend taking this supplement I found it super helpful for my low iron levels! It’s about the same price point as all others I would say as well. Worth trying if you tend to feel weak a lot
im trying this out to reverse premature gray hair, hopefully works, doesnt smell bad like others
Great vitamin
I would defiantly recommend this,this is the exact vitamin b12 I use everyday
Perfect for vegans
Iron, as we know, is difficult to get when you're a vegan and vitamin b12 is impossible to get naturally on a vegan diet (only through supplementation and fortified foods can one get it on the diet). Personally I am not vegan however I got this as my best friend is a vegan and my sister is trying to go vegan. I am a nutritionist in training and it makes me quite happy to see such a perfect product out there for vegans
Fe Bee 12
Seemed to help with energy to last longer into the day or during a workout
Vitamine Jamieson
Je prends se produit et il m'aide vraiment , et est très performant



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