4,5 5 0 5 5 Jamieson Fer Plus Vitamine B12 est une formule délicieux qui aide a réduire la fatigue causée par une carence en fer. Fortifiée avec vitamine B12 (méthylcobalamine), ces comprimés à croquer quotidien aide aussi a fournit un soutien énergétique naturelle.
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Great vitamin
I would defiantly recommend this,this is the exact vitamin b12 I use everyday
Perfect for vegans
Iron, as we know, is difficult to get when you're a vegan and vitamin b12 is impossible to get naturally on a vegan diet (only through supplementation and fortified foods can one get it on the diet). Personally I am not vegan however I got this as my best friend is a vegan and my sister is trying to go vegan. I am a nutritionist in training and it makes me quite happy to see such a perfect product out there for vegans
Fe Bee 12
Seemed to help with energy to last longer into the day or during a workout
Vitamine Jamieson
Je prends se produit et il m'aide vraiment , et est très performant
I would not use Jamieson products it they were the last ones on earth. I have tried three of their vitamins, each and every one making me EXTERMELY sick. My pharmachist does not recommend this brand as they can oftem be cross-contaminated with other, deadly, substances. You just have to lock at Consumer's reports to see how bad these products are. Also from one tablet to the other, the amount of the active ingredient can vary widely from having no active ingredient to have 10xs the amount that it should. DO NOT USE!



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