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Jos Louis Barres
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Le format de ces "jos Louis" ne convainc pas. Une barre de sucre au goût grossier de chocolat n'a rien d'intéressant. Ici, Vachon rate complètement la cible! Sec et sans originalité, ce produit n'a rien pour lui. D'autant que sont prix n'en vaut pas la valeur!
These are a fine/ok pastry, but there are so many other options out there that are even better. I have bought when on sale and looking for a chocolate cake-snack, but it is not something that I look for or buy very often. Ok, but other products out there are better.
I like these even better than the regular Jos Louis, would definitely get again for a treat.
Who doesn't love Jos Louis no matter what shape they may take?! Delicious!
These bars are so much different than the regular Jos Louis. The taste is different and so is the texture. I prefer the Original Jos Louis
These snacks are sure to please a sweet toothbut they are a very small snack
Jos Louis products are so disgusting. Over-processed junk you don't need to put in your body.
I thought since my family enjoys the round Joe Louis that we had to try the new bars, but I must say I was a tad disappointed with them, just not the same, almost tasted a little more commercial than the round ones, guess we are sticking with the circles and half moons!
J'ai essayé ce produit et j'ai aimé mais si je pouvais choisir entre les Jos Louis au fudge et le bon vieux Jos Louis , je choisirais certainement ce dernier.Mais à essayer quand même.
Having grown up enjoying Jos Louis in Montreal (ahh..the memories), it was nice to see an epic feature in snack cakes making such a great change. I LOVE THESE! Far easier to eat, not as messy (but hey...messy isn't so bad with snacks!). Such an awesome innovation!
Yummy!! Need I say more. Perfect pick me up and a great treat. Love these.
Can't go wrong with Jos Louis. I find these less messy to eat than the original round ones so thats a plus. Yummy!
One word: DELICIOUS. There really isn't anything else to say except for: BUY THEM! :D
if you are in to something really sweet. this is the bar to try
il n a pas de mot pour dire wow tres bon


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