4,1 5 0 126 126 Il s’agit d’une combinaison délicieusement sucrée de saveur de riche chocolat et des céréales Frosted Flakes irrésistiblement croustillantes que vous connaissez et aimez !
Kelloggs Cereales Frosted Flakes Chocolat
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A fun, shamelessly sugary cereal.
This is definitely a guilty pleasure. The chocolate flavour is not too overpowering. Always crunchy, sweet and delicious. Would recommend this to anyone looking for something that makes them feel like a kid.
Vraiment bon
moi et ma copine adore ce produit on en acheté souvent . j adore le chocolat et c'est parfait.
Healthy and great taste
Fieance and kids love eating cereal so baught them somthing new. The box didnt even last a day in our house. Great chocolatey taste, not a huge amount of sugar and fast easy breakfast option. Will definitely continue to buy!
I am a huge fan of chocolate and near everything containing it. I am also a huge fan of frosted flakes and have been since childhood. However compared to the competitions versions of their own brand mixed with chocolate flavoring, I found the chocolate frosted flakes to be my least favorite. I found the mixture of the original flavor of frosted flakes did not mix well with the taste of chocolate. In my opinion these two flavors are best left separated. Just my tastes. I still support frosted flakes as a top brand of choice.
New Cereal
My son went out and bought a box Chocolatey Frosted Flakes. He tried them for a snack while watching TV. He really like the taste of them. Then he had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. The Chocolatey Frosted Flakes are one his favorite cereal.
I love this cereal!
I've always loved frosted flakes and I love chocolate so the two together are just amazing! I love that the cereal turns your milk into chocolate milk!
Not My Favorite Chocolate Cereal
It was okay but after a little bit when the chocolate soak of it started to look kind of murky and tasted overall kinda bland!
So yummy
I'm a chocolate lover not to mention a cornflake one as well. This combo was awesome for a late night snack after a nice.. crave.
looses it’s chocolate
it was good but once it sits in the milk it loses the chocolate and becomes a corn flake
Sorry...I love frosted flakes at times before bed or if I have a craving for something sweet...however the chocolate I just can’t get into..I’ve tried it more then once. But in my defence I don’t like any kind of cereal that’s of a chocolate flavour.
A lot of chocolate, and too much sugar taste for me and also for my children. Not enough substance and they were bored after the first couple of bowls (on different days). Fun for a bit though
I love cereal and chocolate
I have always loved cereal and chocolate and this cereal is so good! Its sweet like Frosted Flakes with a hint of chocolate. I definitely enjoyed the whole box to myself! Lol
My kids and hubby loved these, myself not a big fan too sweet for me
Same great taste!
I was expecting it to actually be more chocolaty! I could still really taste the corn flakes flavour over the cholate. It was a really nice blend though. Not my favorite chocolate cereal but really good!
Great for children
I would say if you like chocolate than these would be for you. They are always on sale so if you wanted to at least try at a reasonable price you could. They have a great fresh taste to them. However i myself find them too much of a chocolate taste.



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