KIND® Petit-Déjeuner Barre au Beurre d'Arachide

4,4 5 0 196 196 5 super grains enrobés de beurre d'arachide et légèrement cuits au four pour un petit-déjeuner moelleux et croustillant. Avec chaque portion de 50 g contenant 19 g de grains entiers, ils constituent une source idéale d’énergie durable tout au long de la journée.
KIND® Petit-Déjeuner Barre au Beurre d'Arachide


Better than some of the granola bars out there. I often have them for dessert. Will be better if they bring down the price a little.
A Great Snack
Sometimes I eat these for breakfast, but they are also great before I run. The peanut butter is ok but the almond butter is better.
Great Taste
This is one of many bars that I reach for when I want a quick snack. Tastes great.
Worth a try
These bars are a great way to add protein into your diet, just beware of the calories and nutritional content otherwise! These small little bars pack quite the punch!! Enjoy in moderation!
love all kind bars
I love this bars they are so good and very healthy. its also a perfect go to snack for the whole family. I have a bunch of these in my locker at work so I just grab it when im craving.
Bar of choice
We have a whole drawer full of these. Delicious, healthy and on the go convenience makes this the usual choice for my morning walk and for my kids before they take off for the day.
This tastes so good and very filling..specially if you're watching your diet it's the best to thing to keep at home. I don't think it needs any improvement and I would strongly recommend this product.
Bon au goût, mais très friable
Le goût de beurre d'arachides de cette barre est délicieux, mais la barre est très friable est cassante. Je préfère une barre moelleuse ce qui n'est pas le cas de celle-ci.
I like how tasty this is. I like the brand and i buy others.
J ai aimer
Super bon le gout est tres bien doser je le recommande recommande
Dîtes bonjour à la santé!
C'est une barre tendre parfaite pour une collation qui bouche un petit coin. Délicieuse et nuitritive. Elle est généralement offerte en plusieurs choix de saveurs. Personnellement, je n'ai pas été déçu et elle fait partie de mes lunchs et ce quotidienne.
Peanut energy
It was peanut energy in a bar! It’s taste was amazing
Good snack for peanut butter lovers
These bars were shared with us by a friend who got a box from Costco. If you like peanut butter and energy bars, they will be a pretty good snack option. About right amount of sweet and salty, though slightly on more chewy side than I would prefer but a good product nonetheless.
Havent tryed alot
Didnt get that chance to try alot of these But this one i got to say its like a peannut butter toast but in better Changes and Makes the morning habits a fun way to go true Easy to pack & go Perfect for any occasion a rush morning no time to eat or a day out snack with the family Very nutritive makes a meal completed in a healthy way
Super bon
Goûte très bon, soutien bien jusqu’au prochain repas pour des matins pressés.


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