4,6 5 0 91 91 5 super grains enrobés de beurre d'arachide et légèrement cuits au four pour un petit-déjeuner moelleux et croustillant. Avec chaque portion de 50 g contenant 19 g de grains entiers, ils constituent une source idéale d’énergie durable tout au long de la journée.
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Great snack in the morning
I tried this as i love peanut butter. It was a great snack, Tasted like real peanut butter,
Great breakfast for on the go
I like to grab this as im heading out the door to eat on my way to work. This gives me the energy to wake me up and get me to work. I really like this flavour but wish they came out with more options.
Not bad at all
I like this product because I don’t have time to make or eat breakfast so I grab a bar and I can eat it in the car or with coffee at work and I’m just fine.
Nice snack
I love peanut butter. These are perfect for an afternoon snack. Really like the taste.
Yummy and filling
My first thought when I got them was that it's a small bar. But I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't hungry after I ate it. And since then I have been eating those bars for breakfast.
Lots of Peanuts
I really liked this bar, make a nice satisfying snack and small to carry around.
Very good
This is a nice small snack to get over hunger until you can get to a scheduled meal. Also was good to before the gym to see me going.
Love peanuts
Perfect snack, love this bar. Lots of flavour, take the edge off when your really hungry. Carry in my purse so i always have a healthy snack
KIND peanut butter bar
As a person who is always on the go and barely has time to make & eat breakfast, this peanut butter bar does the job. It satisfies my morning hunger and works great as an on-the-go snack as well. It’s simply delicious 😋
This is the perfect little snack in the morning. I love the flavour. The size. And that it has healthy ingredients. Overall I enjoy this bar and have it be a part of my snack routine.
Yummy for the tummy
I really liked this bar! I wouldn't just have it for breakfast. Its super yummy and fills you up. Its like having a treat but healthier. I would recommend this to people and have already!
I love the taste , I wish they just had more ibs friendly kinds
Yummy and healthy
I love these bars as they are tasty and low-carb. They are much tastier than the average granola bar which I do not like. These are mainly nuts and they are crispy and not dry at all.
My Favourite Granola Bar
Kind bars are my favourite breakfast bars because they are healthy as well as delicious. The only thing that I would want them to change is to create more environmentally friendly packaging.
Excellent Bars
These bars are packed with flavor, are not filled with sugar and are healthy. They are not dry, but moist and I have never had a stale bar.



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