4,6 5 0 204 204 Bueno est une barre de chocolat raffinée au goût séduisant. Chaque morceau, fondant dans la bouche, vous offre des noisettes crémeuses, du chocolat fondant et une gaufrette croustillante.
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Good but not as good as milk
This is a tasty chocolate bar but still doesnt compare to the original milky version. Maybe for dark chocolate lovers specifically but not for me
Always loved every kind of kinder treats but my favorite has always been kinder bueno! Dark chocolate is the best so i was so happy to see they were doing a dark chocolate version! It’s less sweet and just delicious! Must try!
Dark chocolate is a must
Perfect blend of the cream and chocolate. Tastes great and isn’t overwhelming
Great tasting snack
I am absolutely in love with this candy treat. I always have my son the Kinder Surprise eggs when he was a small child and I always thought why not make something g for the adults. When I saw the Bueno sticks I had to try them and I instantly fell in love. They are so creamy and flavourful. I don’t share these with any one as it’s my little break from reality and a few moments of pure bias.!!
Bueno Dark
j'ai eu la chance d'y gouter, mais quel délice, toujours aussi onctueux en un peu moins sucré, j'adopte a 100%. Si vous aimez le chocolat noir essayez le, ca vaut le coup.
Bueno Dark
I love the dark rich chocolate taste in this Bueno Chocolate bar.
Holalala!! Le pur bonheur en bouche. Mes papilles gustatives étaient ravies.
Buena dark chocolate
I love this kind of chocolate bar it's one of my favorites I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate but it really works for this kind
So Bueno!
I loveee this chocolate bar...its absolutely my favorite! I crave it sometimes during the day....one time I even drove to Dollar Tree just to buy they before they ran out and I ended up buying like 10! Even the gentleman in line behind me bought one just to try it out after I told them how delicious they are.
Good brand but a so/so product
Too costly for how much you get. Not their best flavor product either
I love it
I am a huge fan of bueno , that is my favorite treat. I will definitely recommend it.
Super bon moi et mes enfants on a adorer ce chocolat
It's soo good
Definetly suited for ppl with mature tastes such a dark chocolate. The filling is smooth and creamy and crispy and crunchy. Best when refrigerated so it's more crunchy.
Tastes great! I would love to eat this everyday of my life until I couldn't eat anymore. I love the chocolate taste it's amazing!
Kids favorite
My kids love this milk chocolatebar...really love the taste...



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