4,8 5 0 30 30 Instantanément, la peau paraît hydratée, la laissant douce et rayonnante. Progressivement, les rides et ridules paraissent visiblement réduites, la peau semble plus lisse. Le grain de peau et le teint sont plus uniformes, uniformes et raffinés. La peau retrouve son éclat.
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Vitamine C
J’ai reçu un échantillon de se produit dans un kit et j’adore! Je l’applique le soir avant ma crème de nuit, ça pénètre très bien dans la beau sans que ce soit gommant.
vit C is good for your skin... Putting vit c every night has become a part of my skin care now... It has helped my skin look smoother and glow better. it is a nice product.. You should definitely try it.
Cleared my Rosacea While adding moisture
AS someone who suffers from an ongoing battle with finding products that will restore moisturize to my skin, This was one of the few products that worked. Lessened the redness and irritation while adding lasting moisture. Not temporary moisture - but lasting! A wonderful product and line, I would HIGHLY suggest giving this a try. No residue either.
Brighter skin!
I tried La Roche-Posay's Pure vitamin C10 serum a couple of months ago and it made my skin soft, hydrated and glowing. It also contains salicylic acid so it helps target blemishes. It doesn't leave a greasy finish, which is great for my acne-prone skin.
Trop bien
Je les acheter a ma mere et elle laime trop elle l’utilise tous les jours
Illumine et eclairci le teint!! Je lai vraiment adoré. Ne suffit que dune minime quantité, donc il dure longtemps. Fait maintenant parti des mes produits chouchous.
Love It
I received a free sample of this with my LaRoche order and I was absolutely delighted with it. It feels good on my skin without feeling sticky or tacky after the fact, and I cannot wait to purchase a full-sized bottle.
Refreshing & Fresh
This face product feels wonderful as it’s applied to your skin. It’s light and refreshing. I’ve noticed positive change since using this product n
Love this serum
I received this for Christmas and it's one of my favorite. My skin feels so hydrated and smooth. I love the glow I have after each use. To have vitamin c on your skin as well as in your body is a great thing. Love the ingredients also
Very effective and easy to use!
This vitamin c serum has a thick liquid texture. It is much nicer to use than other vitamin c's that are thick pastes. It is very effective and is priced similarly to most other vitamin c serum's.
Great choice
I'm a frequent user of vitamin c serum and have tested so many brands so far from the low price to expensive ones and honestly I'd buy this again , such a great effective product for the price!
Laroche posay gamme mondial
Dermatologie peut importe le problème il ont votre solution🤩overall toute les gammes en ventes libre qualité prix ils Leade!
La Roche Posay
Great product I used once daily for 1 month, it left my skin soft and evenly coloured. Some vitamin c can be harsh, and make the skin peel, this did not.
Rich elixir for your face
This is quite nice and feels like liquid gold when you apply it to you skin and it doesn't feel greasy. I liked the east applicator dropper and like that it's out of glass not plastic
Light and silky
I have very dry, sensitive skin but DO NOT like heavy creams. I found C10 to be a very "airy" serum. It smooths on very light and even. Was absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling silky smooth even hours later. Definitely a favourite of mine.



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