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My new favorite
These poppables are my new favourite chip there is nothing that can compare on the market the different flavours, light taste and low calorie make this the #1 recommended chip to me
I really liked these, and they’re kind of fun to eat. They are lightly flavoured so they’re not overpowering.
Great snack to curb the chip craving
The Lay's Poppables are a great snack when I want to eat a bowl of chips but I don't want all the calories of a bowl of chips. Compared to Lay's Salt and Vinegar Chips, the Poppables have 260 calories in 53 chips while the salt and vinegar chips has 270 calories in 27 chips. You can get small snack size bags and my kids like those.
Decent enough
These are alright. They don’t have a whole lot of flavour compared to the other flavour I tried.
Texture is strange, and I found it off-putting. If you like chips that melt in your mouth instead of cruch, you might like these.
the melting pop
I personally found the flavoring to be muted by the product itself. You could taste the foundation more then the chosen flavour. It was light, filling and due to being thicker I was able to fool my snacking side that I ate more than I had
Loved them
They are light snack, come in different flavors. The shape makes them just crumble in your mouth, you can't eat just one. They are great just the way they are. I would recomend this product.
They're pretty good the first few times you eat them but eventually, you tire of them and wonder why you bought them. Smaller, less expensive bags would be better.
Very good light snack
I found these to be a wonderful change from the regular lays brand type of potato chips. I noticed that I didn’t have to eat as much to satisfy my hunger. Great treat and although the variety is slim they are very good.
So good!
Not heavy like potato chips and just the right amount of flavour. Some salt and vinegars leave a burnt feeling in my mouth, but not these!
great low calorie snack
these are amazing and if you get them in a snack pack assortment there easy to pop into your purse for a 3 o'clock low time of the day... you gotta try these
Great light snack
Light and airy but very tasty chips. I recommend these for a snack!
I loved this product but most stores around me stopped selling this for some reason
I tried these with my granddaughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed them. They are very light just right for a little girl, and an old one
Just right
Just the right amount of flavouring, and the design makes for a satisfying crunch without being hard.



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