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Lay's Poppables™ Sel Marin et Vinaigre
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A good light snack.
Like the taste and the calories are low. Not enough salt taste like potato chips.
Poppable vinaigre
J'adore les croustilles au vinaigre. Celles-ci sont excellentes et plus légères. Difficulté a ne pas terminer le sac
chips without the mess
My favourite thing about these chips is that theyre bite sized. No more crunchy little bits making a mess or cutting off and jabbing into your gums. Theyre fun to eat and dont leave you feel greasy afterwards.
Great new texture
The only problem with these is that you can't stop eating them. They taste so good, and the salt & vinegar on these don't burn your mouth like some other varieties. I would definitely get my friends to try this. Although I'm sure some poeple just crave the classic chip sometimes this is a good way to mix it u.
Nothing beats the pop they make as you munch away. It's an addictive feeling! The flavor is perfect. A great balance of salt and vinegar. Perfect snack for road trips, there so fun to share.
Perfect nice light snack
These are a nice blend of salt and vinegar, the vinegar taste is not overpowering. The texture is so light and airy, but very satisfying crunch. Nice change from regular potato chips. The whole family loved them!
Crunchy love
Love these little crunchy snacks. The other flavors are good too. These are my favourite. My family likes them too. Sooo so good.
I bought these just recently for something different then our regular chips. I really enjoyed them. They were lighter then a chip. My son who is very fussy really liked them also and asked for me to buy them again.
Super yummy, slightly salty but they are definitely addictive!
Lays Poppables
Too salty for my liking. Liked the idea just wished that they could have used less salt.
They’re fun light and crisp. Just the right amount of flavour, not too much where your mouth gets raw lol. Perfect for a snack.
Light snack
I liked it, not greasy like chips Ate almost the whole bag
Fun snack
This is a fun snack for kids - big ones too. We like the light, airy puffs as a chip alternative. The salt and vinegar flavour was a little too much compared to the same in chip form for some reason. Definitely worth a try though!
Snack for kids
My kids love grabbing a bag of poppables for a snack. Nice, light snack and most importantly it doesn't make a mess!
These are light and crispy and if you love salt and vinegar you will love these!! Great snack!



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