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Lay's Poppables™ Sel Marin et Vinaigre
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These are light and crispy and if you love salt and vinegar you will love these!! Great snack!
Lays chips
My favorite chip has always been lays salt and vinegar. When they introduced this flavor in the poppables style I was beyond excited to give them a try and I was not disappointed! Yummy melt in your mouth
Great snack
I love the melt in your mouth and the crunch when you chew.
Light snack
Love these, I tried them for the first time fall 2019 and I’m hooked. I like that they are light but yet still satisfying.
A different kind of snack
These are fi and different, and a good change from your standard chip. They aren't as satisfying as chips. They are a little too light and fluffy, so you can eat quite a few and not feel like you have had a satisfying ack.
I love these poppables The crunch and the flavour is amazing
My fav
Out of all the flavours this is my favourite. Daughter likes the honey Bbq
texture & flavour
the texture/flavour combination here is my absolute favourite!! such a nice new twist on an old original. they also feel lighter so i feel much better eating these than I do with a bunch of regular chips.
Nice Change From Chips
Lays Poppables Salt and Vinegar are a nice change from chips. They are light and full of flavor. They are a fun snack to eat. The whole family enjoyed them. I have them on my grocery list now instead of chips.
Sooooo good!
I love the texture of these chips. The flavor is not overwhelming. Great afternoon or evening snack.
They grow on you.
When I first tried them ,I wasn't too sure how I felt . The texture and look of them are unlike any product I've seen on the market. By the end of the bag i wanted to buy more.
This poppables are fun chips to eat. They are light and so crispy. The flavour is delicious. Fun to have at parties or to have for a snack at a movie night with your family.
Light and delicious
Poppables are a nice light snack. It doesn't cut up my gums like regular potato chips. I love the light salt and vinegar taste, but look out--they're addicting! The bag was finished in no time! I'd recommend it.
Best popable
I have tried salt and vinegar also BBQ, salt and vinegar is hands down better I enjoy it better than the normal chip. Popables are light with a slight crunch that melts as the mouth water from the taste, it's great and good for you.
It feels so light!
This feels so light I almost ate the whole bag and not noticed! The flavor is good and not too strong of a vinegar flavor to me. It’s a good snack to have!



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