4,7 5 0 29 29 Partagez la joie avec une nouvelle saveur en édition limitée: le chocolat NESTLE® TURTLES® Latte caramel
le chocolat NESTLE® TURTLES® Latte caramel
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This is so yummy you can't just eat one , It's great also because it's wrapped so you can easily share them at work.
Tellement bon!! Ne peut pas battre la saveur! Si je devais choisir entre ces tortues et les tortues originales, il faudrait que je les achète toutes les deux. Je les aime tellement. C'est comme le paradis dans ta bouche. Dieu qu'ils sont si bons! Je recommande ceci pour tout le monde. Si vous ne les avez pas essayées, vous devriez aller les chercher et les essayer. Je vous promets que vous ne serez pas déçu
Twelve Boxes As A Youngster - Best Chocolate Ever
The best present ever to give to this young lady is Turtles. I don't only love them but that mix of chocolate and the filling inside makes me want to eat more. My dad, was a milkman, received 12 boxes of Turtles as a youngster, I ate every box. Can never get enough.
Wow So Good
These turtles are to die for,so much flavour,will be buying these again for sure.
Completely yummy. I will definitely buy again and again.
These are a delicious treat and great to share. I like that they are coming out with new flavors to try along with original turtles.
This is so delicious and great product. I love it so much.
So good!! Can't beat the flavour! If I had to choose between these and the original turtles, I would have to buy both because they're just that good!
They are so delicious I could eat an entire bag of theses chocolates. I highly recommend you to try them because you won’t want any other chocolate ever again.
Mmmmmm! Loved these so much the flavour is just right. Sent some to family overseas they don't sell turtles there, I am now having to send boxes back monthly they are loved.
I love the chocolate caramel turtles. They seem to just melt in my mouth.
Turtles oh my god! I love these so much. It's like heaven in your mouth. god they are so good! I recommend this for everyone. If you haven't tried them you should go now and get them and try them. I promise you won't be disappointed!!
I have always loved Turtle’s but when I saw these I knew I had to have them. They have just the right amount of coffee flavour and are now probably my favourite Turtle product
These are pretty good. Although they are.. too, I'm not sure how to describe it, one note? Needed a little something in there to spice it up.
I absolutely love the coffee flavour! I’m glad I only had a small pack or else I’m sure I would have ate the whole box!!



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