4,6 5 0 73 73 Avec calendula biologique apaisant produit une mousse riche qui nettoie en douceur la peau et les cheveux délicats de votre bébé sans les dessécher. Cette formule non irritante pour les yeux et hypoallergénique se rince complètement, laissant un parfum frais et délicat.
Le gel et shampooing Cetaphil pour bébé
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Love this product
I love this baby wash, have been using it since my first born
Baby's skin love it
My baby has sensitive skin. And this product is VERY lovely. We used it since he was newborn.
This was the first baby wash and shampoo I purchased for my daughter. It smells great, is gentle on her skin and doesn't cause irritation. Cetaphil is a trusted brand and I use their skin care products myself.
Cetaphil Baby
This smells fantastic and is gentle enough to use on baby daily if needed.
Great Product!
Great product!I use it on my son and I love it enough that I bought a big bottle.I like the mild scent that lingers on my son's hair and body after bathing him. I couldn't stop myself from sniffing him. The consistency is on a thick and creamy side which help to keep my baby's skin soft and moisturized. A little bit goes a long way because it lathers well.
Best baby wash
I used this for my daughter since she was born and have loved it. I did not even need a moisturizer afterwards as it left the skin so soft even in extreme winter.
Works well
Very soft and sensitive on my kids. I always buy these products
Great for sensitive skin
Great to use on babies with sensitive skin, I use it once in awhile when I have Sirius
Great for sensitive skin
My whole family has sensitive skin and we all use cetaphil products. I feel very comfortable using this on my babies’ skins as it is gentle and the fragrance is not too strong.
Great for babies skin
This product has no harsh chemicals. It cleans the babies skin and leaves it moist. It can be used for sensitive skin. They come in push type notes. Making it easy to use without any waste
Love the product
This wash is perfect for my baby and it is tear free and after using this wash my baby's skin is so soft and smooth and also safe for children's skin
Ça fait 2 ans que j'utilise ce produit sur mes bébés. Il n'assèche pas leur peau douce et sent très bon. Les huiles essentielles ne sont pas irritantes pour leur peau fragile. Mousse très bien et se rince rapidement.
Good for sensitive skin
Our oldest daughter has sensitive skin and sometimes reacts to certain body washes. We used this a lot because it did not give her a reaction and kept her skin very moisturized.
My Favourite Baby Wash
I absolutely love all of Cetaphil's products for myself and for my 18 month old baby. My baby has extremely sensitive skin and really bad eczema all over her body which makes it hard to find products that best suit her skin. Cetaphil's baby wash & shampoo works perfectly for my baby because it is super gentle and does not irritate her skin.
Soft and Sublte
I never purchased this as i had/have alot of samples i recieved from the baby shows i attended. but this smells sooooo good. it lathers up pretty well and the smell is soo soft and subtle and relaxing. I do intend to purchase this once i finish up what i have. theyre lotion is equally as good.


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