4,6 5 0 116 116 Attrape et retient deux fois plus de saleté, de poussière et de poils vous permettant de nettoyer rapidement et facilement tous vos planchers durs. Les fibres 3D pénètrent dans les espaces restreints, accumulant poussière, saleté et poils. Coffre-fort pour nettoyer pratiquement tous les types de plancher.
Linges secs Swiffer Sweeper Service Intense non Parfumé
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My moms obsessed
Nothing cleans better. Great for hardwood floors and family households with females. Love that i don’t have to pull our a heavy duty vacuum
Nice addition
As a long-time user of Swiffer products, the heavy duty ones are a nice addition to the product line. The regular cloths do a great job, but these held up well when needing to pick up piles of my dog’s fur. While I don’t think I’ll use them all of the time (as the regular Swiffer cloths usually meet my needs and are typically a bit cheaper) it’s nice to have an option of using the heavy-duty ones for bigger jobs.
Better than the original.
This picks up all of the fluff my dogs leave behind and all the dust bunnies I forget to clean up during the week. It's a serious improvement from the original Swiffer Sweeper pads. I find I only have to use one instead of multiple in my home. I would recommend buying these over the alternative, any day.
Very efficient
The product is very efficient, it’s better than the original. Makes cleaning so much easier and effective
Better than the original
I use to like using my swiffer but felt it didnt quite do the job well enough. Now this new product does. It gets everything that the original would miss.
la texture des lingette et particulierement bien faite et assure une efficacite.
Swiffer dry heavy duty cloth
Swiffer dry heavy duty cloths are very thick and reliable. They can be used for anything from dusting the floors to furniture to delicate Chinaware. Swiffer you’re the best😁😁
Je les utilise régulièrement pour nettoyer les toiles vénitiennes. J’époussette les meubles et tout ce que l’on peut épousseter car le swiffer est doux, il fait très bien le travail lorsqu’on est pressé.
Bon produit
J'ai adoré comment ce swiffer ramasse la poussière et les cheveux, facile rapide et efficace, je le recommanderai sans aucun doute à mon entourage.
Great Product
Very effective, and efficient! I definitely would recommend product...
Love it
I really like this product, they are working great.
Lived up to expectations
Their promotion states these 'heavy duty' sweeper pads pick up 2x more dust. That is almost true. These sweeper pads do pick up a lot of dust, etc., I am just not quite sure it is 2x as much. It is a good product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to family and friends.
Quick and Easy
Sure comes in handy to dust under furniture or up against walls. Convenient for SWIFT clean up:)
Excellent product
Very efficient and effective at collecting and cleaning fallen food particles and debris.
Great Product
I love these as they pick up dog hair and fine dust with a breeze. The thicker sheets make it so easy to get my cleaning done.