4,6 5 0 92 92 Attrape et retient deux fois plus de saleté, de poussière et de poils vous permettant de nettoyer rapidement et facilement tous vos planchers durs. Les fibres 3D pénètrent dans les espaces restreints, accumulant poussière, saleté et poils. Coffre-fort pour nettoyer pratiquement tous les types de plancher.
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The best!
Love these cleaning cloths. They fit so well and pick up dust with every swipe. Definately will buy these again.
Tough on dirt
Over all these work really well! I usually don’t use these ones as I usually use the swifter wet Jet,but they work really well too! They don’t rip super easy and work well on all floor types!
Great Product.
I love this product. I have 3 cats and it really helps to control the pet hair. Definitely a must have 😀
Definitely recommend
I use these during the week for a quick pick up of the multiple tumbleweeds of dog and cat hair..blech. They work really well and I love my swiffer. Would definitely recommend.
Love these
I use these all the time and they get my floors so clean!
Swiffer sweeper dry cloths .
Purchase these Sweeper dry cloth , cleans floor and picks up all dirt .. Have also used cloth to wax my floor no streaks does a great job.
Swifter sweeper
Love this product for everyday cleaning especially for cleaning jobs. Very easy to handle and clean
#1 product
No other company beats swiffer you. Oils to ask for a better cleaning cloth
Swiffer Sweeper Dry Heavy Duty
I love the Swiffer Sweeper Dry Heavy Duty, I have just recently tried these and will not use anything else from now on. They pick up dog hair and leave the floors looking so clean when you are done.
Swiffer Heavy Duty
I use these for a quick clean instead of bringing out the vacuum or broom/dustpan on all my lino and hardwood floors
What a difference
I am so amazed with the difference between the old style of cloths and the new ones. They clean so much better and I only have to use one to do the entire job.
Finally got rid of that dustline
We have hardwood and tile throughout our 2000 sq.ft. Home and these got in the grout and the line that always builds up between the beveled flooring
Swiffer Dry Heavy duty
I have 3 dogs, one with lots of (shedding) fur, and in between heavy vacuuming, these heavy duty Swiffers are a must! Cleaning can't get any easier! I would definitely recommend these!
Les lingettes retiennent la saleté et poussière aussitôt que celle-ci s’approche. C’est super !
Time saver
These swiffer product are so handy. They are easy to use and helping me to save my time.