4,6 5 0 120 120 Attrape et retient deux fois plus de saleté, de poussière et de poils vous permettant de nettoyer rapidement et facilement tous vos planchers durs. Les fibres 3D pénètrent dans les espaces restreints, accumulant poussière, saleté et poils. Coffre-fort pour nettoyer pratiquement tous les types de plancher.
Linges secs Swiffer Sweeper Service Intense non Parfumé
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Good product. Gets all the dust I miss with a broom. Bonus: No infinite line of dust when you try pushing it in the dustpan. I also use this to clean tables/shelves. Just use it like a glove. Works great! Recommend
Daily routine
I use these everyday I have hard wood floors and 3 dogs even after sweeping this product still picks up all the dirt I cant see and it works amazing !!!! Everyone should buy this highly recommend
Super necessary
The swiffers are actually the way to clean a whole house without a sweat. Putting those on a broom or just by hand, can help you to remove any dust, hair or just make a quick clean of any surface. Those are a must have at any time.
Oh my gosh
I love this product. In fact I love most swifter products. I get a lot if dust and this does the job and does it right! It heavily picks up hair a d dust. Buy this. You won't be disappointed!
Not as good as the original...
Tried these out for the heavy dust build up in areas of my home. I didn't find that it picked up any better than the original Swiffer dry wipes. Personally, I would not recommend this product.
I have brand new hardwood floors, and I use them very day could can't live with out them. A floor safer! Worth the money by far.
I found this product worked great, it is definitely the way to dust. The large sheets are easy to use and collect dust better then any other product I’ve used.
Best for pet hair !
Being a pet mom of a dog and cat my floors can sometimes look like a hairy mess! A broom just doesn’t cut it when it comes to cleaning up pet hair. I love using swiffer pads to go over and pickup all the left behind hairs, leaving my floors looking good as new !
Swifer clothes
I have tried it and liked how it cleaned the floors and other surfaces
Thanks for making the Swiffer Sweeper, makes life easier. Works great on my wood floors. I liked how the dust and dirt clung to the pad. I can't think of any improvements that could be made.
It’s great
As most swifter product. Very pleased. With small kids & pets swifter is the way to go. Great quality. Great price.
Solid product.
We've been purchasing swiffer for years. This product does the trick however, falls off the swiffer mop. The original swiffer refills are my preferred choice.
Excellent Product
It really catches the dust and doesn’t let go! I’m always amazed by how much dirt and dust I have 😛
If you have pets in your house this is a great tool to keep the hair out of your house. Toss and throw end of fur
An improvement
This is definitely an improvement on the basic swiffer cloths. It is fluffier with more grabby surface area. It will grab larger debris and does a quick job of dusting my floors.


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