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Lingettes nettoyantes Creme Care de NIVEA
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Nivea face wipes
Thesee wipes are absolutely the cat's meow. The scent is wonderful. So much so that you want to clean your face twice. They take off makeup and grime accumulated from the day. In addition, they are as soft as a baby bottom. They are simply swonderful!
convenient and great
When I go somewhere I hate bringing large products iwth me this is convenient to pack in my suitcase and works really well.
I love this product especially when I am.travelling, so easy to use and does the job super fast. Leaves my skin super smooth and.fresh
NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes
NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes is a great addition to anyone's makeup routine. They are soft and moist that you can use one one wipe to get the job done. They also do not leave your skin feeling dry.
So Gentle
I recieved this product free of charge to test in exchange for my honest review. Nivea claims these gently and effectively cleanse skin and I would have to agree - They have the gentle aspect down to a science. Nothing beats a spinbrush, but these were quite effective and even removed my waterproof mascara like it was nothing. If you use Benefit's They're Real mascara then you know that's a big deal! The Creme Care line is designed to protect skin's moisture balance and Nivea has seemingly mastered it. You can totally skip the moisturizer if you're feeling lazy. Your skin is not left feeling dry as with many makeup wipes, but soft and smooth as Nivea claimed. I love these things.
Perfect for taking off the makeup and cleaning the face all in one wipe!
Decent facial wipe
I've used this product a few times. The scent is a little bit strong, but it thoroughly cleansed my face and removed my makeup fairly well. $8.99 is a bit pricey, though.
Face clean
These wipes from Nivea feel wonderful on your skin. I usually have to use 2 or 3 facial wipes with certain brands but these wipes erase effortlessly. Leaves your face smelling and feeling clean!
Il m'arrive à l'occasion d'utiliser les lingettes démaquillantes de Nivea malgré le fait que je suis plutôt habituée au mélange démaquillant / lotion. J'en ai toujours en réserve pour les journées où je suis plus pressée ou après une journée à travailler dans mes plates-bandes pour me rafraîchir ou apaiser ma peau qui a reçu trop de soleil avant mon démaquillage en profondeur. J'aime bien ce produit pour sa qualité / prix.
Très bon produit,que sont les serviettes démaquillantes Nivéa ! Elles nettoient très bien le maquillage et les impuretées et gardent la peau trè douce,hydratée et d’un parfum si doux ;-)
Ces lingettes sont très bonnes, efficacité et qualité de nettoyage et démaquiller. Plus sont très doux pour la peau sensible et ne laissent pas des réactions allergiques.
Very moisturizing and works well to clean your face.
I really enjoy the convenience of these facial cleansing wipes, especially on the go! I was pleasantly surprised at how well they removed dirt, oil and makeup without being harsh and over drying my skin.
I love these wipes, well I love all Nivea products really. These work really well and ante inexpensive to buy. I highly recommend this product
I love anything made by Nivea. The products are always top quality and always smell great. These facial cleansing wipes work great and take off all my makeup and leave my skin feeling fresh and clean. I am amazed at all the buildup on the cloths after using it to wipe my face. They are also strong and sturdy and great for eye makeup as well.



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