Liquide antiseptique Dettol 500 mL

4,9 5 0 72 72 Depuis plus de 80 ans, la marque Dettol protège les familles partout dans le monde et les aide à combattre les germes et les bactéries. Vous aussi pouvez vous protéger contre les infections causées par les coupures, les éraflures et les piqûres d’insectes en utilisant le liquide antiseptique Dettol sur votre peau.
Liquide antiseptique Dettol 500 mL


As a child growing up this was a must have to wash baby clothes.
Still great!
This product is ingrained in me, using this tried and true product since I was a kid and using it with my kid. The smell makes you think of clean
Best Antiseptic
I have been using this product since I was kid and have been part of my life. The word Dettol has been the main name to the point that if you say Antiseptic product the only name we can remember would be Dettol.
Best antiseptic
Been using it since I was a kid. Love the antiseptic properties and it doesn’t burn that much like other products. Smell is too strong, so that might be a good improvement in future.
Fly Repellent
In addition to using dettol as a disinfectant, I use it in the summer time as a fly repellent. I love the fact that I do not have to use aerosols.
I think every house should have this. It is can be multiple ways to do with. It is used as a disinfectant and sterilizer to kill germs on the skin, and to protect against infections in wounds, scratches and insect bites, and it is also used as a household disinfectant for surfaces or in laundry. It gas very strong scent
Absolutely love it! Works best for injuries
When I was a kid, my Mom would put a capful into our bath water to help with dis-infecting our scrapes & bruises. I’m recalling the smell of it and it brings back warm memories. Thank you for jogging my memory.
Must have Antiseptic in First Aid Box.... Highly recommended
I have been using Dettol Antiseptic since my childhood days and is a great antiseptic. When it comes to Antiseptic I would recommend to go for Dettol. I used it also as a disinfectant to my baby's clothes. Its a multipurpose antiseptic - use it when u get hurt, use it as clothes disinfectant, floor disinfectant , sanitizer and so on.
This has been a lifesaver!
I have been buying this since covid so for 3 years now. It is pretty costly on amazon... however it do last a long time... you only need to use a little. I have used this for so many different things... my bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and floor cleaner.. also I mixed some in a spray bottle to spray. Another great thing I did was made my own wipes with this... use paper towels in a plastic container and put a drop of this with water! The Soap, Handwash is also amazing products
Gets the job done
Have been using this for years. Great product. Bit strong scent but works
a classic
everyone should have in the cupboard. good for wounds or soaking items to disinfect.
Been using this for years
My whole life, Dettol has been a staple in our bathroom cupboard. Anytime there are scratches or scrapes out comes Dettol. It helps clean up and ensure wounds heal. We previously lived in South Africa and now are so glad to find it in Canada too!
This is a very resourceful product for disinfected almost everything
It’s basic but necessary for keeping my house safe. The smell is little strong but it’s multiple use in cleaning home and wounds is unparalleled


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