3,5 5 0 8 8 Résultat: Un bronzage moyen avec couverture progressive. Garde votre peau hydratée jusqu’à 72 heures. Infusée d’acide hyaluronique et d’extrait de melon d’eau pour permettre d’hydrater profondément la peau, tout en séchant rapidement et ne laissant pas de trace. Végane et fait d’actifs bronzant naturel à 100%.
Lotion pour le corps St. Tropez bronzage graduel avec infusion de melon d’eau
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Could be better
The scent is amazing, and it leaves your body with an overall sunkissed glow. Not too orangey or too dark but if you werent completely pale to begin with, it might not show a whole lot... the one thing I really didn't like about this stuff is how bad it smells on your body if you get sweaty even the slightest bit..
I didn’t really notice anything with hanging with this but it did smell really good and it did hydrate my skin really well usually this Brand delivers amazing products but this one was mediocre
tan me up!
pretty good product, I really liked the refreshing scent but I can't say that I've ever seen that these lotions really have a tanning effect...but if you're into these things...
This St. Topez lotion is honestly cute, but not much else. I prefer their other products, as the colour on this is slightly dull, but if you are looking for a very subtle shine this Is okay
Smells so good. Like fresh watermelon. So moisturizing. Love it for summer.
Ive had better
Loved the fresh scent. Wasnt keen on the feel on my skin. Felt oily. Prices wasnt too bad. Would've liked it to be in other scents too. Works in a pinch if I run out of my normal one.
I have tried so many different suntan lotions and I find I always look like an orange. I'd like to try this one just to see if you actually look like you got a tan.
haven't tried it but love to have glowing skin even in the dead of winter.