4,1 5 0 44 44 Notre NOUVELLE saveur de mousse au citron est si délicieuse qu’elle combine une texture douce semblable à celle d’une truffe à des saveurs délicieuses, crémeuses et citronnées, c’est comme un dessert dans une barre! Fabriquée avec des ingrédients naturels et sains, 2 g de sucre et beaucoup de bons gras, cette barre vous procurera une sensation de satisfaction. Une excellente collation céto compatible pour ceux qui aiment les gâteries fruitées et crémeuse !
Love Good Fats Mousse au Citron
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Quick snack but chalky texture
I liked the taste of this bar but I find the texture chalky and it’s difficult to get through a whole bar due to that. I’m on a ketogenic diet so it’s handy for a quick snack on the go though.
Like eating playdough
I've tried other flavours of good fats bars before and wasn't a huge fan. I hoped lemon would be light and tasty, less dense than some of the others. I couldn't even handle one bite of it. Very little resemblance to lemon mouse. Closer to eating a piece of playdough.
Tastes like a real lemon cake, with 9g of protein
Whole Foods was sampling, so I already knew what it tasted like before purchasing the whole box today. Healthy Planet was offering a deal today, so I picked up a box on my way home. I immediately indulged into one bar and it felt like having a decent lemon dessert. It gave me a boost for the day. The only annoying part is that the bar crumbs easily but it's okay. It tasted amazing and very moist for a protein bar texture.
Good Fats Bars
The bars are thick and chewy but lack a true rich lemony flavor. They are very thick and filling but again they leave you wanting more.
Best Granola Bars
If you have a ordeal of a sweet tooth, and need a healthy alternative to a super sugary high carb energy bar, I recommend this one. This energy bar flavor is my favorite of them all, and I often get it as a dessert after lunch when I feel the urge to kill those sweet food desires.
Très bon
Il y a un bon goût du citron (moi qui adore le citron). Je ne suis pas keto mais ces barres sont bonne et pas pateuses...
I LOVE "Love good fats" Bars!!
This is a delicious flavor of love good fats bars, personally the oreo and mint ones are my top fave, but all of these bars taste divine, especially if eaten out of the freezer! Low sugar, makes them almost guilt free too! Highly recommend to everyone!
I love these lemon bars. They taste great and I dont feel horrible when I eat them.
Pretty Good!
For sugar free it's actually pretty good. It does have a bit of that sugar free after taste but it's much better than a lot of them!
Chalky and lacking flavour
These bars do not have a very great texture they are almost chalky. Although they have a flavour it is very minimal and I wouldn’t purchase again.
Tasty Snack
I love the creamy lemony taste that has no after taste. I love the truffle-like texture that satisfies my sweet tooth. I fills me up & curbs my appetite. I always look forward to new flavours.
These bars have a pretty nice flavour to them, so they’re nice to snack on. I didn’t love the texture as much but it’s also not supposed to be a candy bar. I’d recommend if you’re on keto and looking for an easy snack on the go!
Lemon bars
These are ok. There are other bars that I enjoy better. I would probably buy again if push came to shove.
Love the flavor and texture. Doesn’t have an aftertaste.
Bursting with lemon
I was lucky enough to try this product before it was released and I have to say it's full of lemon flavour! It curbs any cravings you may have. I love this new product and pretty much all of the good fat product's


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