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Magnum Chocolate Infinity
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Les meilleurs
Ah quoi dire des Magnums??? Ce sont les meilleurs. C’est dur de s’arrêter.
Très bon produit
Les produits Magnum sont excellents, et ils sont venus en spécial et j'ai profité du rabais pour en acheter plusieurs boîte. C'était tout simplement débile...chocolaté à mon goût.
En deux mots: Un vrai délice !!! worth every penny :P
I love dark chocolate and to find good dark chocolate ice cream is hard where I live. This has become one of my favourite snack products!
Worth paying more than the ordinary bar. Treat yourself!
Wonderful taste but the full-sized bars are just too rich to eat the whole bar. Maybe as a meal replacement if you are hungry, but not for a sweet snack after dinner. Even my 6-foot, 190lb husband said they were "too much" and we put half back in the freezer for another time. I will try the mini versions next time.
I am not generally a chocolate fan but have to admit that I really liked these magnum bars. I only bought them because I was looking for a chocolate cake for a spur of the moment chocolate fix but the store I was at was all out of the mccain cakes. Bought this because it was on sale and I am glad that I did! Will definitely buy it again.
Toujours aussi délicieux par contre il n'y en a jamais assez dans la boîte pour le prix!
I love chocolate, ice cream, and especially premium varieties of both. I've enjoyed other varieties of Magnum bars before, and my boyfriend picked this box for me one night - I was pretty disappointed, to be honest. There's just something about chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate that kind of ruins the flavour nuances, as well as the less than premium tasting chocolate syrup inside. I think that if you want nothing but chocolate notes, this might be the Magnum bar for you.
If you like dark chocolate, you will probably like these. I prefer milk chocolate so didn't like these so much. I was a bit disappointed after craving a Magnum for two weeks. Wish package said "dark".
My husband brought these home for me as a treat when I was having an especially bad day and they were just what I needed! These bars are so rich and creamy - they are a chocoholics dream. They are expensive so I try to only buy them when I really 'need' them or when they are on sale.
Meilleur que tous les autres produits magnum !!! Un vrai délice !!! Avec ceci a la maison plus besoin d' aller a la crèmerie pour me gâter !!! Tout simplement délicieux!!
icecream made in heaven. I love the dark velvety chocolate flavor. it is amazing, very satisfying as it is rich.
Tout simplement délicieux! Une collation pour les amateurs de vrai chocolat. Rafraîchissant les belles journées d'été.
These are delicious and decadent, but almost too rich. Even my chocolate-obsessed boyfriend couldn't finish one. Maybe too much of a good thing!


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