4,5 5 0 33 33 Obtenez des sourcils parfaits à l’apparence naturelle grâce à notre crayon teinture pour sourcils longue tenue et anti-bavure
Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio® Sourcils Crayon Teinture
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Microblading without the pain!
Love it! Creates fine defined hair like strokes. Keep the end tipped up though or it will run dry. Pick a shade lighter then you think you’ll need cuz it dries dark. But it lasts all day, doesn’t move...even if you sweat
Not what I expected
I was not impressed with this product. Goes on quite thick and messy.
I bought this product on ebay, not the exact same brand but the same idea for the eyebrow pencil. I liked the pencils and used them everyday but I sweat at work and have to wear a hat and they tend to smear and I look like a clown by the end of the day. I paid $1.99 on ebay for one of these and by the look of the brush I knew it was going to be a game changer.. It worked so exceptionally well .. I tested it on my hand first to see if it would smear and sure enough it didn't not even with soap and water. I left it on when I slept and it didn't smear either .. it was actually perfect .. I got the perfect arch with it and was able to fill them in as well. I just ordered 8 more and I'm going to give them to friends to try because all females should own one of these! Or 10!
I really wanted to love this product and was so excited to try it when it came out and it definitely left me pretty disappointed. The idea behind it is great, the you would think the design would leave thin hair-like strokes but most of the product comes out instantly leaving you with the blockish Type brows your trying to avoid. I also found that after my second time trying out this product hoping that if my changed up my technique the outcome would be better, but there was literally hardly any product left ! It’s as if it all dried out or something ? This brow pen has the potential to be amazing, maybe it’s better suited if your expecting a different kind of result than I was ? I’m not sure, but it was definitely kind of a let down for me.
My go to!
I’ve always had trouble with an eyebrow pencil since I have a heavy hand, but with this my brows look amazing! No matter how hard you push it goes on very lightly and provides the most perfect lines to make it look so natural.
I love love LOVE this brow marker! It’s not a pencil, it’s like a felt tip marker, but with 4 tiny tips instead of one big one. Only criticism is the “blonde” shade looked great and natural indoors, but yellow and ridiculous once out in the sunshine. I switched to the next darkest shade and it looks great. So realistic. I use a combination of this and a pencil to create perfect brows
New York Tattoo
In love with this makeup product, has a long duration, very precise and easy to apply. When you apply the product you need to be careful, the product has long duration and is not easy to remove an instant.
Just as good as gel dipbrow
This is actually a really good product. If you have trouble using gel dipbrows that you get in pots, this can help with perfecting your eyebrows. Great for on-the-go and under a time-crunch.
J’ai bien aimer il dure lontemps mais apres quelques applications il fonctionne mal
Great idea, application not so great
Thought this would be a great way to get a new look for eyeliner. At first use, application was nice and smooth although took a few times to get even pressure for nice lines. After using for a while, the pen became clogged and even after cleaning, it was not possible to get the desired look.
Good for quick fills
The Maybelline New York TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen is great for people who want an easy to use brow product that gets the job done quick! Seriously, this thing is so simple to use and would be great for beginners.
This product works well and does the job like it says its going to, it will work better if you have naturally thicker brows, if you dont have much hair id personally skip out on this product, mind you im not saying you need to have a full on thick brow to use it and have it work well you just want to make sure you have enough hair for the tip to go through. for me it worked really well and helped the process move quicker. it is also affordable and lasted all day without moving.
I tried this brow pencil on the weekend and loved how easy it was to apply. The colour was very similar to my natural brow, and blended really well with it. I didn't have to re-apply it the next day, as the colour lasted fro a while. Worth the price!
Wimpy Eyebrows
I use this to help fill in my “wimpy eyebrows”. It is very easy to use, as it is in a pen/marker format. It offers great coverage with very little effort.
Amazing product
I tried it during family occasions and honestly I love this product.



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