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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Mascara Lavable
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Awesome product
I just love the mascara and it is so good it doesn't smuge or clumps and it gives volume to my eyes
My fav mascara
This is an incredible mascara to achieve long and separated lashes. It does not clump or flake and lasts all day with no smudges.
Love this mascara. It quickly became my new go to mascara because it doesnt clump, leaves long lashes and is easy for me to remove but doesnt run. I have bought more than 3 so far and I don't see myself choosing a new mascara next time.
Pushes lashes
I have trouble finding a mascara that's affordable and that makes my lashes long and lushes. Well I finally found it. This one doesn't leave my lashes flaky or clumpy. this Nice smooth application of mascara lasts all day and washes off nicely
I really enjoy using this mascara .it gaves my lashes a really good volume and look .highly recommended
I don't normally wear makeup but when I do it's mascara. I wanted to try this because of the supposed benefits of coconut oil. I like this mascara, its not clumpy and looks good on without being too much. an added bonus is you can smell the coconut oil all day lol
In my opinion Maybelline has always made the best "drugstore" mascaras. That being said however, this is not one of them. The product is just a little too liquid and if you aren't careful you end up with the dreaded "spider" lash look. It has some very healthy ingredients which I love, and after careful application, you can get a good look from it but there's not much length or volume. I'm going to finish the tube but won't be repurchasing.
I love how my eyelashes get so lush and thick. I really like that it is waterproof as well.
Loved the instant volume it gave to my lashes! There was no need to really. It lasted all day!
I love it, doesn't clump and when I add an extra coat for a bolder look it goes over dried mascara without clumping
I just love this product! It coats my lashes very nicely, without clumping or gobbing. It does not build up to the entrance of the tube, like some with these kinds of bristles can do. It stays on all day, without smudging. And, it smells very nice, too.
Love this mascara!! From the packaging to the price point you really can't beat it! No chunks or flakes and it seems to always be on sale at local drug stores / big box stores. My only issue with the product is even though Maybelline doesn't test on animals, they make and sell their products in China where they are tested on animals, and therefore I really can't support the brand or the product.
Really enjoyed this Washable mascara, nice to use with the handy long brush, separated my lashes quickly on the days I used It.
Je l’adore il fait aucun grumeaux il est parfait il tien très bien
I love the way this mascara goes on smooth and not clumpy. It stays on for looking newly done all day long but yet it washes off very easy.


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