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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Mascara Lavable
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Use this every day - nice long brush already shaped for the eyelashes, just like my makeup technician does!
Je veux essayer ce produit pour avoir de long cil.sns me mettre des extension....Vos produit sont fantastique
I have not tried this product yet but by its reviews I will be buying it next time at the store
bonjour aussi bizarre que ca puisse paraitre,j ai jamais essayer le mascara Maybeline je suis la personne idéale pour tester ce produit merci
Love me some Maybelline!! And was able!! Do send me to try out
Would love to find a non clumping mascara, be willing to give this a try
Coconut oil hmm .. i normally use that for removing mascara or sweep it on my lashes before going to bed as it helps them keep healthy .... don’t know how it whether it would last along with the mascara ... wouldn’t it start spreading at first hint of moisture or accidentally teasing your eyelashes during the day ... would definitely like to try before i purchase !
Je n’ai pas encore testé cet article mais je suis toujours à la recherche du parfait mascara donc j’aimerais beaucoup l’essayer.
I love mascara and wear it just about everyday. I have not had a chance to try this maybelline temptation washable mascara just yet. But I would love to try it out before purchasing it in store.
je suis vendu marybelline accoter et je n'est pas encore essayer ce mascara j'imagine avec certitude que ces un mascara superbe comme tout leurs produit
Je n’ai pas encore essayé.mais j’aimerais l’essayer afin de le recommander
I haven’t tried this mascara before but I would love to if you were to send me one to try I would gladly give you my feed back as I haven’t found a mascara that works well for me.
I have lame thin eyelashes please send me one I'd also love to try this mascara because I've been searching for over 16 years for the right mascara for me , I've yet to find the perfect mascara. Could this be the perfect mascara?? I'm wondering and quite curious to find out!
I have not used this product, but I would love to try this please.
I have not tried this product yet. I would love to try it!!!!!!



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